Forgotten Something?

No run today - rest day.....but I was relating a story to a friend of mine earlier which I thought this community might enjoy.

When I first started running, (again), I was using a treadmill at my local health club. One day I'd had a particularly good session, so good in fact that I decided to run home.......

Well, I got halfway there, then I realised that I'd left my car at the gym!!! (To my embarrassment the gym is only 0.83km away - I know this due to my trusty Endomondo!), AND I'D DRIVEN THERE!!!! OH dear! I stopped, pretended to do up my shoelaces and ran back in the opposite direction.

Oh hum!

7 Replies

  • This made me chuckle its the kind of thing I would do :)

  • Love it :)

  • Better than leaving your daughter in a pub ...

  • Great! At least you realised before you got further :)

  • LOL....thanks for the good laugh!

  • Oh boy did I feel like a fool!....but 'leaving your daughter in a pub'? Rhonal?! I think I need to know more!!!!

  • Lol thats something i would do! I have the worst ever (blame it on too many pregnancies)

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