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Best combi road and mud shoe?

I run mainly on pavements or well maintained gravel/surfaced tracks (I think we are a little spoilt around Northampton for easy places to run). But with the winter coming things are getting a little wetter on the roads and a pretty blooming splashy and muddy 'off road, I need to get some new shoes soon and wondered if anyone can recommend a good cross over between a road and trail shoe please? I definitely do not need a proper trail shoe and this won't give me e support I need on the road, but I'd like a bit more grip generally when it's wet and a bit tougher for the muddy puddles. (And I can wash my current road shoes and just use them for the gym and keep them clean lol)

Thanks oh running gurus


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Salomon Crossmax?


I'm really tempted by those, they seem to do exaxtly what I need


Actually Im the opposite of you and mainly run off-road where I can with bits of tarmac between trails throw in. In fact if I'm running along a footpath I'll tend to run on the grass at the side! They're nice shoes though i did have some teething problems when I first got them with tieing the laces too tight and getting dead feet. They seem to be okay now though they are more warn in. They're also great in mud!


Very tempted by these and am working on a nice letter to Santa! I've read a few reviews and most have said its a good shoe for pavements which was what worried me for a combi trail road shoe. I am only up to about 10k on my longest run each week and about 5k on the others, so not huge distances, these shoes look like they'll give me enough impact protection at those distances :-)

Thanks for the suggestion, I'd never heard of these before.


You can get a decent deal on Salomons at wiggle and chainreactioncycles websites.

I also like the looks of the Salomon XR mission. They're another shoe designed from door to trail.


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