horrible weather and no will power help!

Oh it's snowing and really windy and horrid out there and if I don't run today I won't get out 3 times this week. Which I've stuck to religiously since graduating. I'm really struggling with the gremlins at the moment, little voice saying sod it, it's nice and cozy here who needs it.

I could go to the gym and run on a treadmill but I haven't been in the gym for 15 years and I think I'd be crap and hate it.

Why is this so hard?


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11 Replies

  • It's hard cos you're thinking about it instead of doing it... ;) Though snow and wind is pretty offputting, I'll admit.

  • Perhaps I should add - Why is it so hard to do that paperstuff for work? Because I'm thinking about it, instead of doing it. And doing Stretch and Flex instead of getting down to it... and then checking this site again... :)

  • oh greenlegs you're a wise old bird

  • Not wise, just mean! :D

  • the suns come out - amazingly, it'll probably be snowing again in 5 minutes but I'm going to step away from my computer and just get out there. Thanks for your help!

  • Good for you! Do you think anyone will recognise me in my hat and buff? :D Me as a ninja!

  • V. stylish you look ready to rob a bank

  • I do feel somewhat self-conscious like that (to put it mildly!) but then hardly anybody else was daft enough to be out in the cold like us - and if they were, hopefully they won't know who I am. :D It still didn't protect my face enough though - ended up needing to use hydrocortisone ointment to tame the soreness. :(

    Glad you got out there, even if you were swearing at me at the start! He he!

  • Done it yet? I love running when its cold out - I certainly don't stay cold for long and its a great feeling when you get home again too! Plus I always think ' its hard now, it'll be sooooooooooo easier in the summer!' (which it probably wont be and we'll all be moaning it's too hot!)

  • Did it! Horrid at first but you're so right great sense of achievement

  • well done! x

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