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Back on track for week 9 run 1,

After my disaster run on tuesday (only managed 6 minutes before admiting defeat), I went outto complete the run again. I left my house feeling more positive, but unsure of how I would cope, I knew I didn't want it to end badly again.

So I went off slowly, it was hard and tiring and had a pain in my hip and knees felt a little stiff and there were still times that I would like to have stopped, but I did it completing the 30 minutes session.

I have to admit that when I first started this programme weeks ago I thought I would actually be running 5k in 30 minutes but have realised that due to my very slow snail pace, I'm nowhere near that target. So when I graduate I will continue to try and reach that target before moving on. Any ideas of how to increase speed??.

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I have graduated today but only ran 3.9k. My plan is now to try and run a little faster each time until I am doing nearer to 5k - but I am running on the treadmill which will make it easier to keep track of


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