Week 9 run 1 and counting

I had a good run tonight, didn't really want to go but had a pig of a day at work and knew if I went running I wouldn't think about it and I would feel better afterwards. And guess what I did. My left leg still felt a bit tired and I felt like I was dragging it a bit, but the run just got better and better. I even ran for 3.5 minutes longer than the 30 minutes. I've never done this before.

You just can't tell how a run is going to pan out can you!

Two more to graduation. Yey

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  • woo hoo sounds like you had a great run

  • Well done Mrs Lazy, and to run longer too wow thats amazing :)

  • Great Mrs Lazy - I did Wk 9 R1 tonight too!

  • well done Mrs L :-)

    I did W9 R1 this morning too - we're runners!!

  • Well done! Nearly there! :)

  • wow thats brilliant so nearly there now.

  • Good luck for your last 2 runs!

  • Good luck Mrs Lazy and thank you for your blog; it made me get up and do my run too. You're on the home straight :)

  • Well done, keep it up!

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