Not been able to run since weekend, race for life this Sunday!!!

I did my w8r2 on Sunday but I haven't run since. Ive had a lot going on a work including having interviews and assessments and due to my long shifts I've struggled to fit in a run. My next run is going to be tomorrow morning and then I have a race for life on Sunday - 5k. Am I going to struggle as I haven't even running much this week or will the rest have been good??? Worried


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  • I had a week off running before the race for life because I have got such bad shin splints, but I managed to do the race ok (finished in about 44 mins) I did have to walk after about 3k mark for a minute - not saying it was a breeze but I think you have earned your pennies already - don't worry too much just try to enjoy the experience! :-)

  • i can understand why youre worried but you really need not be. i had 2 breaks whilst doing the couch25k, one for a back injury and one for a virus, both times i was convinced that i had "lost" my fitness but i hadn't-. it felt a bit weird when i ran again but it was more about coordination rather than fitness or stamina. and once i had been running for a couple of minutes it all came back. just really pace yourself and build up rather than starting out with a sprint. i was surprised when i did the race for life and it was tough but i gently jogged all the way round, some women were going faster than me and zipping past but it wasn't long before i was overtaking them cos they had burnt out. the main thing is to enjoy the day, its a fab atmosphere and it is wonderful thing to be apart of. i promise you, your previous work will pay off and serve you well on the day, have a fantastic event xx

  • I think you will probably been fine, maybe even better. I say this because after failing W7R1 twice I lost heart and didn't run for 13 days. I then went out expecting nothing and managed to run for 32 mins and enjoyed it and have now carried on and just done W8R1 yesterday.

    You may find the enforced rest has done you good, good luck for Sunday but I'm sure you don't need it.

  • I suspect you may find the rest has done you good! I ran up to end of Wk6 and then had a week left before my race for life....unfortunately, my son got ill so I had to stay in with him and did not manage to squeeze in another run before the race for life! I was terrified, thought I would not be able to do it and stressed out so much about it....the day came and I surprised myself but running it, albeit very slowly, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! So try not to worry, you've done the hard work in the program so you know you can do it! Good Luck, you'll be great!

  • These races are such happy fun events that Im sure the crouds will pull you along. The rest youve had this week will have done no harm, may well have done some good. Take your time getting into your comfortable stride (not too fast too soon) and just enjoy it, its all in a good cause too, so well done. :)

  • I agree also! You've worked hard up to this point so have nothing to worry about and you never know, the rest might mean you have an extra bit of energy to help you along :)

  • I'm doing Race for LIfe on Sunday and it will 14 days since I last ran unless I fit something in tomorrow or Saturday. I've hurt my ankle, well it's really the bit just above my ankle, but I think it will be fine strapped up for 5K. I've also been told that you just get carried along with the atmosphere and it is no disgrace to walk if necessary. We're raising money for folks who have had a really rotten deal so walk, jog, run you will be a hero. Just go for it. :)

  • I agree that the rest will probably have done you good. You've done enough of the C25k program to know how to pace yourself so I'm sure you'll be fine. I look forward to hearing your triumphant report of the event ;-)

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