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Race for life looms and I haven't run since Friday!!!!

Hi!! As all you lovely folk know, I am doing race for life on Sunday morning, I haven't run since Friday what with the Bank holiday and everything. I'm off to the gym today but the Treadmill p***es me off so will go on the bike. My question to you is Do I run again before the big day or take it easy, I don't know??!!!! :/

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Think I would do one smaller run for 20 mins or so before sunday.


I would def doing something before Sunday...maybe today and Thursday and then have a couple of days rest in preparation for the big day! However, would do something gentlish...maybe 30 mins! (when was that every gentlish???)


Hi Pat,

Yes, do a couple easyish sessions, no hard runs!! Before my event on Sunday, I ran on the Thursday evening, but nothing after that...

Good luck!



Thanks peeps! Did 35 minutes on a tough level on the bike today, thought i might go for a gentle run tomorrow or Thursday. I am so excited about Sunday :)


Go Pat!


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