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Race for Life This Sunday

That's it just another couple of days and I will have to run the Race for Life that I said I would run after walking it for the past few years, C25K has changed my life in that time and this forum has been a huge part of that so thank you one and all.

I must admit I am feeling a little sad I know that I can run 5K but in the current heat I also know that it is more than a possibility that I will end up having to run/walk I am just not that good in this weather :( but I will still be raising money for a charity very close to my heart so I guess that's what really matters.

Then after Sunday it's on to some serious training for my next event :)

Thank you all once again for making my journey so much more enjoyable and listening when the rest of the world is fed up of me jabbering on about running

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Good luck for your run. You know what - even if you do have to walk for a bit ( due to the heat) you will still be running most of it which, as you said, is more than you have done the past few years. Good for you getting out there and raising money for the charity. I am doing a charity 5k in August and I thought I might struggle to run at midday if it is warm so I understand where you are coming from. I wish you well and will look out for the post run post - and do keep 'jabbering' that's what makes this site so good.


Thank you and good luck with your charity run


Goodluck , I'm doing it Sunday too , here in Rotherham weather forecast says cloudy & showers , I hope so !


Hey run/walk is so much better than just walking - no need to feel down about it. Just enjoy yourself. Good luck!


Hi. I am also running race for life tomorrow. Hope you really enjoy your run and will see all the progress that you have made!


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