1st Run Completed Does it get easier?

I came across the couch to 5k when me and my daughters decided to do the race for life ,In margate in july ,when one of my daughter commented its alright mum can walk while we jog . I don"t know what she meant but i thought i will show them so searched and found the podcast .Started running yesterday and started to get a stitch, when it came to the last run i was crying because i did not think i could do it and sort of dragged myself along . This morning thighs hurting, back hurting, will it get easier? because beginning to think i might have set myself up for it all going wrong .


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  • It does get easier. The thighs hurting and back ache goes away once you strengthen the muscles (and you do that by running). That's not to say it will be plain sailing, but you CAN do it. You can. Seriously!

    As for the stitches, try to "belly breathe". Push your stomach out as you breathe in, that sucks air into your lungs. And clench your stomach muscles and pull it in as you breathe out, that squeezes the air out of your lungs. It all helps you get enough oxygen, and that helps you overcome the stitches.

    You can get a lot of support from the forum here, and just think of how wonderful it will be to show them that mum still has it in her? You can do it! We're all here to help you.

  • Thanks for your comment and will try and concentrate on my breathing. Glad the muscle aches are normal ,I won"t give up as i have a lot of motivation ,was feeling deflated has had to struggle so much on last part of run.Good luck for your race on sunday.

  • Well done for your determination to give this a go.

    It IS hard work, but trust the programme and keep coming to this forum for support. The most important thing to remember is to take it slow and steady. You might not think you can go any slower, but seriously two feet off the ground at the same time is running! It's not actually a race, and nor is the race for life, so don't worry at all about running fast. At the moment, you're aiming to increase your stamina to be able to run for longer.

    In some ways it doesn't get easier, because as you go through the programme it gets more challenging. BUT as you go on, you'll look back and think "wow, I can run for x minutes now and it was such hard work to run for just one minute in week 1."

  • Well done on taking the first step ;) I have only just completed my first run (literally minutes ago!) so I can't say if it gets easier but I'm sure it will once your body becomes accustomed to it. Keep going, I'm sure you will succeed.

  • Thank you. Well done to you as well for doing the 1st run.

  • Thanks ;)

  • Well done for getting started, you may find that making sure you have had a small drink before you run will help with not getting a stitch, as others have said just go slow it and steady and you will be fine

  • Sure it does get easier! Just don't give up and always make sure you get the running technique and don't exert yourself. You can absolutely do it! :)

  • No no no dont give up, its amazing how quick it is easier, easier not easy mind ) my kids also find it amusing I am trying to run and I will also show them. On wk2 run 2 in the am, funny how you get to look forward to it. The hardest part for me was the 1st run and most of all sorting out my mp3, still struggling there !!

  • Don't give up you will be fine. Try slowing down a bit at the beginning of each run. It might be your starting off on too much of a sprint for you. Speed comes later. You will show them in July. Happy running.

  • Don't give up! Sure it's hard to start with, but stick at it and you will feel the benefit soon enough. Each week is a challenge for sure, but follow the plan and you will do it. Preparation is important, since you're asking both your mind and body to work a little harder than usual. Make a ritual out of it and enjoy it. Drink plenty of water, say a couple of glasses, about 30 minutes before you run (that might just help with the stitches) then imagine yourself going through the run as you lace up your shoes and do some stretching before you start.

    Once you've got the bug, you won't look back. Good luck!

  • I started a week ago - similar reasons, I'm unfit and really quite overweight. After the frist run, the following day I was so achey. because of the Bank holiday and other stuff I left two days before the second run and I was a bit worried - I don't think the run (or the third run ) was much easier but I didn't get that achiness again after either. I know it might not be the same for everyone but just to say it will get easier. Good Luck

  • Well done for getting started on the programme, that's the hardest part done with now. Are you going a bit too fast perhaps? It's a very slow jog you need to do - I can walk faster than I jog - and keep it steady. You will succeed, stick at it and follow the programme. Make sure you take your rest days - they are extremely important because that is when the muscles recover and repair themselves, and come back stronger than before. Use the forum and this community for support and encouragement - which you will get in abundance. Good luck with your second run and my very best wishes.

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