8 Minutes 7 Seconds Improvement on 5K Track Time By Running and Walking With No Jogging

Merely changing from a jog to a Run and Walk work out, my time was improved by 8 minutes! Incredible. I think that was a right decision!

Distance 5K / 3.1mi

Time 37:52

Average Pace 12:03/mi

Calories 635

Last time was:

Distance 5K / 3.1mi

Time 45:45

Average Pace 14:33/mi

Calories 636

Woke up this morning after dreaming about racing on a track. :-\ , feeling great, and wanting to run before I ate anything.

I have been really feeling the need to get off the jog and onto the run. I've been tossing around just how to do that.

I don't have a clue about how to train, but I know some things; I know if I don't run, I won't run, I know I want to run, not jog, and I know how I feel during the effort. I am fairly sure I know when I am at lactic acid threshold so I try to bring myself up to but not beyond that point on push days. Although I am fairly certain I flooded myself with lactic acid on my last mountain trek. I don't have any monitoring devices other than an iPhone with Strava on it.

So, I decided to run and walk only today for 5K / 3.1 miles, with no jogging. I ended up running full mobility for roughly 75 - 120 yard or 70 - 109 meter segments with about 100 yard / 91 meter walking recoveries, no jogging, no stopping. I loved it. Full heel raise, full knee drive, thinking posture, form and mid foot strike etc... Wow did that feel good!

Between the warm up walk and the cool down walk and jog added to this run, I have 4.8 miles in to start the week off and burned about 973 calories. After those 5 pieces of Tres Leches Celebration Cake this weekend, I need it!

Today's work out on Strava: strava.com/activities/98962...


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8 Replies

  • Jog vs run - what's the difference? I would think I'm slow so probably "jogging" which sounds like some 70's form of exercise. But according to the endomondo App on my iPhone I did 5km in 38 minutes yesterday and that included warm up/down walking (as I only ran/jogged for a little over 30 minutes). According to your stats I'm running! Well Michael Johnson told me I was a runner a few weeks ago so he must be right. W9 R3 tomorrow - finally - hoping to actually run/jog 5km even though it will take more than 30 minutes.

  • You and me together Skipper21 ( although I am only on week 4) but I have no idea what the technical difference is between running and jogging, I too assumed I was jogging( very slowly) cos at the moment I just need to build stamina. My Fitbit told me yesterday I did 4.65 km in 39 mins and as you say, some of that was walking. I think gdcGray must be so far ahead of me I'm gonna let him run on without me!!!

  • I know the term is loose and relative. I've been doing a really slow jog, like 15 - 16 minutes per mile. IDK - what that is for kilometers but it's way too slow to remain there. When I say run, I mean full heel raise and knee drive,full mobility, posture form etc.. If you do a 5K in 38 minutes, you gotta be running. well done.

  • Hi, well done, it's an interesting approach, I'm a newbie, I guess that's one way pros use to build up speed. I'll probably end up trying that, I'd be so much happier to just jog or run or anything but walk for 30 minutes without stopping! That's a lot of time to shave off.

  • Definitely stay with the program to the end first and foremost, no matter what speed that means.

    I am not on program at the moment. Kind in limbo with some uncertain things developing for my summer and fall. I know I don't want to jog around for 10 miles at 15-16 minutes per mile. :-)

  • Dimly understand details but fully understand how thrilled you are so well done you!

  • This is brilliant - well done. There are loads of people who do run/walk and they take a lot of time off their runs as you have done. The term they use is Jeffing :D from the Jeff Galloway method. Strava gives you good info about your runs such as your time per km if you're interested, your splits, pace analysis, elevation, and that's just on the basic app. You can pay for more (but I don't).

    You are doing great - keep going!

  • Thanks Anniemurph, - yes! I love Strava. I started using it on April 28th this year. I put a link in the bottom of this post.

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