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W2R2 - terrible run :(

I wasn't going to blog but I felt the need to as it wasn't nice. So I got a new pair of running shoes and I am generally liking them.

My W2R1 went fairly well, when Laura mention I maybe getting tired halfway through I wasn't tired at all.

But this morning I was panting like dog after the first jog. By the last jog it felt like I was running with a ton of bricks! I don't really understand why this was so much harder, the new shoes couldn't have made so much difference!

I always run before breakfast, so its not even that I had a large meal or anything :( Now I am not looking forward to week3 how the hell am I suppose to run 3 minutes when I struggle with 1.5 min :(

The only good part to this morning was there was an old man walking his dog in the park today and he said "well done" as I was walking home.

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Well done indeed. We all have better and worse days, and at least you completed. Perhaps you just went too fast this time? Anyway, stuck with it, not push too hard, and you will do it! Trust in the program and Laura- perfectly put together.


I agree with Plinth, you may have set off faster than you realise. I struggled on one of my week 3 runs and my daughter (who runs with me) said i'd set off like a rocket and she'd stuggled to catch up. i wasn't aware I'd done anything different but struggled to breathe and could harldy complete it. Sometimes you're just not aware of the pace you've set yourself!


Try not to over analyse why it wasn't a great run(you'll have lots of those) just be reassured that somehow ( don't know how) you will be able to move on, some people do repeat weeks or runs but I decided that as long as I scrapped through that I would move on. Keep going and you will do it, good luck and happy running Ally x


Hey anand12, My Congratulations for finishing your run, don't you worry we all have had good runs and bad. You can do it, do not give up. I run 5K now under 35 minutes but when I started at the end of Feb, I honestly could not run for a minute without panting. Gradually it gets better and you will be surprised how good you do in time to come. If you are not happy with one run, then repeat it, gain confidence and go to the next run. There is no hurry, you have 9 weeks, and even if you take a bit longer, you will be fine. Go for it, you CAN do this, believe in yourself and in C25K, and of course on Laura! I would say, if I could do it, you can do it!


Good and bad runs come and go, but I find that as you get out more the good runs become more common and the bad runs less so.

You say that you run before breakfast, if so you may be a bit low on the old energy levels depending on what time you ate the night before, what you ate etc. Try the good old banana-30-mins-before-you-run trick. If you have longer before you run, go for a wholemeal bread with peanut butter and banana sandwich. Don't eat too much of it; but by golly, it works.

Keep us posted on how it's going, good luck and well done for running.


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