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Using the Podcasts for Speed Training

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I've been talking on here about going back to the podcasts after I graduated and doing C25K by alternating jogging & running quickly instead of walking & running slowly to see if I can increase my speed.

So I had my first go at re-doing W1R1 at speed today. I did it on the treadmill so I could see how fast I was going. It was an interesting experience. I remember doing W1R1 originally & finding it a struggle to walk/run, and I realised today just how much fitter I am. I kept up the jog/run routine all the way through the podcast & although I found it quite hard work I got to the end successfully.

I think I will do the podcasts for speed once a week, and take myself off outdoors for a 30 minute run a couple of times a week and see how I go.

Inspired by my success, my husband has now started C25K. He's using the treadmill, saying he'll run outdoors when he's fitter - but he certainly seems to be fitter than I was when I started, and can run much faster.

I got home from work today & my eldest son, who's 19, was looking very pleased with himself. He's a keen cyclist, but has never shown much interest in running. This afternoon he'd decided to go for a run on the treadmill because he was bored. He gleefully told me he'd just done W9 of C25K - and he ran 5K in 28 minutes having never tried it before!!!

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This is useful to know as I was thinking about trying the same thing with the week 1 podcast.

Nineteen year olds - strange, energetic creatures made of springs and rubber bands. Bah. ;-)

It's also a 'boy' thing, I think. My OH, wrong side of 40 and hasn't run since school (where he was good at cross country but bad at sprinting, he claims) was intrigued by my sudden committment to running. So just after I graduated he came to the park to see what the fuss was about. He doesn't have trainers so was wearing walking boots. And, to my horror, he bounded off and I couldn't even remotely keep up.

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My OH is the wrong side of 50. I asked him to come to the park with me, but he won't because he says I'll be too slow for him. My response was he might outrun me, but I'd outlast him :-) !

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My goodness what have you been putting in your man's food Scipio I've been trying to get my hubby off the couch for 3 years nearly without success!?!. In fairness to him though he's never been the sporty type, doesn't need to lose weight he never gains more than about 7lbs and then just cuts down on the biscuits for a couple of weeks (not fair is it).

Well done on using your initiative to gain speed, I think that way will work as well as any of the new podcasts but if you listen to the beat of the music you will come time find it too slow, I know I did. The new Podcasts hadn't been released when I had graduated and was trying to increase my speed. So I just made a playlist and went out and used lamp posts as a distance guide, I still do too. NHS have C25K+ which consist of 3 podcasts, Speed, Stamina & Stepping Stones all designed to help improve your strength, stamina and speed (no surprises there then) ;)

Good luck with the next part of your running journey, slow up now and again to let hubby catch up with you :)

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ScipioGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks Olgirl. I think that's good advice about the beat of the music being too slow. Hmm... I'm just worried that C25K+ will be too fast for me - I downloaded them & listened to a bit the other day & freaked out!!! Maybe I should be brave & give it a go. I do have playlists I use when I get bored with Laura, so I could use those as well.

As for my hubby, he's the same as yours. If he needs to lose a few pounds he just cuts down on the snacks & he's back to his ideal weight in a week or two. Grrr! Definitely not fair.

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walettaGraduate in reply to Scipio

I'd been waiting for this post & then missed it until today. I was wondering whether or not you'd returned to your w1 plan. If you continue with it let me know how it goes. Mind I like Oldgirl's lamp post idea too. Good luck.

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ScipioGraduate in reply to waletta

I'll report back waletta. I like Oldgirl's lamp post idea as well. How are you getting on?

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BeekGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

hi Oldgirl, I just downloaded Stamina and Stepping stones but I think they would addle my brain to listen for a full workout. Can't stand the fussy sounds, but of course we need a good strong beat.

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OldgirlGraduate in reply to Beek

I preferred Speed out of the 3 podcasts but as I said I ended up using my own system most of the time which was fast music taken from 'Now thats what I call Running' CD's and lamp posts. I graduated in the end of May and the C25K+ podcasts weren't released until I think August so by that time I was into a routine. I didn't like the constant counting 1,2,3,4, at all, it would have driven me crackers in no time. There are quite a few free Podcasts in the iTunes library, but I've not used any of them, I'm a DIY kind of girl!! :)

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