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I am officially a runner!

Well Laura says so and after the last 6 weeks I now trust her implicitly whenever she says anything. Do you think she's available for general life coaching advice?!

Well today I completed wk6 r3 and felt I should mark the occasion by actually writing my first post on here. I've learnt so much from reading all the advice and encouragement from everyone here (going slower is the big one for me although I think I may have taken it to extremes now)most a big thank you to everyone.

I never thought I'd be able to run non stop for 25 mins having struggled to manage the 1 minute sections in wk1 and this has been a huge achievement for me so far.

12 years ago I had an illness which completely paralysed me and I spent several months in hospital learning to walk again so I've gone from Zimmer frames to walking sticks to walking and now to running. I don't think that any of the physios could have seen that ever happening.

So for anyone out there who's struggling with the first couple of weeks - you can do it. If I can then anyone can. Stick with the program and it will happen.

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Well done.......that's an amazing really should be proud of yourself.......keep up the good work 😄


That's a good handle you've chosen Inspirus! What a wonderful post.

Congratulations on the progress you have made so far and your determination.

Good luck on your path to Graduation, you have done the hard part now!


Woo! Well done and welcome to the forum :-) I think it was after W6R3 (only last week!) that I took the plunge and stopped lurking too!

Week 7 is exactly the same as what you've just done, three more times, so go you! :-D And what an inspiring story. This programme really is a work of genius.


Wow! What a journey you have been on! This must mean so much to you and will certainly inspire others on their journey to becoming a runner. Its a great program isn't it? I have just completed W7R1 and am completely hooked! Good luck.


What an amazing story! You should be so so proud of yourself. Truly wow.


Wow, what a time you've had! So pleased that you're having a whale of a time now though. Running C25k is brilliant for helping us get fit. It's transforming lives

I hope you can continue to go from strength to strength. Week 6 is hard! After that it seems easier somehow

Good luck with your remaining runs. Go steadily, take care and you'll be graduating in style.


Thanks for the positive comments everyone. Really enjoying myself now and I'm treating myself to gait analysis (hopefully they won't laugh or be completely mystified by my runnung style) and new trainers tomorrow. Pictures to follow....


well done- what a great post and very inspiring!!! not long to graduation and you can most certainly do it


Inspirus indeed.

Really pleased for you and well done on the progress. Week 7 was great for me and hope it is the same for you.


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