Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 3 - I managed it! I am a runner

As others have said I found it really tough after the 5 min walk I set my speed to 6.7mph, incline 2 and started pounding. 2 mins in the little gremlins started " You can't do this". I shut them out and kept going, "You've done 5 mins", "You've run 12.5 mins - half way there", "5 mins left" - now I am really struggling and I am starting to hate the music. 2 more songs and I should be done. 2 mins left - I can't go on, reduce to 6.3 mph. 60 seconds left - look at distance - 3 miles covered in under 30 minutes - "You are officially a runner". I may be Laura and I'm sure I'll celebrate when I can breathe.

Unbelievable - This programme is about being able to run for 30 mins, at whatever speed you are comfortable, non-stop and I am at 25 mins. I am delighted by my results.

Every time you think "I can't do this" you need to correct yourself

I couldn't do this 6 weeks ago. NOW I CAN !

Thanks to this forum and the lovely comments

Bring it on ;-)

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Getting fitter GettingFitter !!! Well done.

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Thanks I think I am


Congratulations! So exciting - you're just ahead of me in the programme (I did Wk6:1 this evening)... I run slow, but each run feels like an achievement! Keep going!


Well done. I have just completed week 6 but felt very tired after the third run. Hopefully I'll be able to do 3 25 mins runs next week.


Well done. I have just completed week 8 now. You'll smash it


I'm starting week 7 tomorrow as well and just keep telling myself it's only 5 minutes more than last week! Having my first buddy run too.


Well done. That's a great achievement. The trick is realising it's a mental fitness programme too. ... overcoming a tired reluctant achy brain as well as legs! :)


Absolutely - I don't think I ever appreciated just how mental running is. Today was tough but I just kept saying 1 more song then I'll look at how long is left (but I didn't until Laura said 5 minutes left)


Wow well done!!. I am due to do Wk6 R3 today and am a little apprehensive as once I start running that's it - I'll have to keep going for 25 mins!! Its a mental issue I guess more than anything but I'll give it a go. Here's cross fingers!! Well done again and good luck for Wk7 x


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