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3 weeks after graduating - why did I change my routine?????

So over the last three weeks since graduating I have been happily doing my 30 minutes, gradually increasing my distance little by little - all well, nothing major to report. Today, however, and for reasons best known to the Gods, I ran at a much later time than normal (I have been going at 6.30 am since the beginning and today I headed off at 5.30 pm) and I had a really tough time of it - thought I was going to get sick,but thankfully I didn't. Have decided that on Monday, I'll stick to my 6.30 am as I think I must be better off with an empty stomach and a few mouthfuls of water prior to my run. Any suggestions on why this might be so are welcome. Anyway, was disappointed but it's not the end of the world - onwards and upwards, I guess!

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Hi odie you could be writing my story here. I nearly always run first thing in the morning and just have a cup of peppermint tea and a small banana before setting off. On Friday it was heavy rain so I decided to do some WiiFit workout instead. The the weather cleared up at 4.30pm so out I went. I only managed to run for 18 minutes before I had to give up. Now the air quality was poor and there had been rumbles of thunder during the afternoon. I'm asthmatic and this type of weather does affect me so I have just put it behind me and tomorrow will be back out before breakfast for a 5K run.

I have been thinking of joining a running club near me but they train at 7.00pm not quite sure what my poor old body will say to that!!!


Sometimes people's bodies work better at certain times than others. (I am in awe of you early-birds. I can't cope with life early in the morning, let alone getting up extra early for a run!)

So if you like going out at 6:30, then your body is probably all tuned up and primed to go at that hour. If, once in a while, life doesn't conspire to give you that prime time slot for a run, or if other factors (heat, thunder, whatever) prevent you from enjoying your favorite time slot, just set your expectations differently. Instead of striving for a personal best, just plan to finish but take it easy. Heck, if you find yourself walking for a minute or two, that doesn't mean the run is over and pointless. Recover and get hopping again. You may even find that an occasional change in the routine keeps it interesting, and gives you an opportunity to stretch in different ways.

If you do decide to run later in the day, the best advice I have: try not to eat a lot right before. Preferably have a medium-light meal 2 hours before, not less than 1 hour before. Drink water freely, until 1/2 - 1 hr before (so you have time to get it past your stomach before the run.) If you are thirsty right before your run, of course don't deny yourself - but consider a few sips rather than a huge liter bottle. That should probably help with the nausea.


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