3 weeks until my GNR debut and about time I posted an update!

If Miles can take the time to post, I thought I should make the effort too. It's 3 weeks today until my big HM deput at the GNR, how's training going I hear you wonder?!? Well 3 weeks ago I managed my first 10miler which was mostly run with a few walks (and some weird looks from the cows on Newcastle's town moor, I don't like cows I think they stare at me and this freaks me out!, plus the ones on the town moor are free to wonder over the paths alongside you making me even more nervous!).

After the success of my 10miler came stress at work, I tried to go out for my second ten miler only to abandon it at 5.2 miles at my furthest point from home. I knew I shouldn't have gone out and I wouldn't have done if I wasn't in training, even those magic endorphins did nothing and I'm so glad I had a cap on to hide my face as I walked home ( yes I turned into a female emotional wreck!) I have to confess i didn't run for the rest of the week, I just couldn't face it.

This week wasn't much better at work but I managed my second 10 miler with less walking than the first (advice for how to stop trapped wind would be good though as that nearly crippled me and threatened to stop my run!) and to round my running week off nicely notbad and I joined up for a run yesterday where we did some interval training down the coast and I got two fastest miles ever, I think I would have been in for my fastest ever 5k but we did the last mile on sand, it's had me on a high ever since and she's now been officially appointed in the task of getting me a sub 30 5k after I've done the GNR :D

2 more 10 milers before I taper, one tomorrow and one on Saturday, let's hope they go well too.

In other news, this months running purchases have consisted of a very nice Addidas waterproof jacket with 55% off for those winter downpours (I've tried it and it keeps you dry nicely without getting too sweaty on the inside, some sweat is inevitable but some jackets leave you dripping!) A new pair of shoes (45% off) not to be worn until after my GNR in case of injury, a pair of gray capri's and a pink top and today a Garmin forerunner 10 in pink, 29% off due for delivery tomorrow before my next 10 miler :D who said running was cheap? Time to become a running hermit until next payday ;)

P.s. I've decided running HM's isn't for me long term, the training just takes too long when your a slow runner like me. 10k's are a good yet still difficult distance so will be sticking with them from now on along with some speed work.

Happy running folks!


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  • I do admire what you're doing Lovefood - takes such dedication and grit. Hope work settles down soon. Great fun to train with someone else and it sounds as though the new gear is great. Good luck!

  • Thanks Ullyrunner, it certainly takes some determination, although who thought when we first started that running for 2hrs + was possible!

  • Can I ask where you got the Adidas jacket from? I'm researching them at the moment and all the ones I like are VERY expensive.

    Good luck with the GNR. I'll be there as well.

  • Hi lolb, got it from Start fitness, ordered it online, here's the link startfitness.co.uk/ladies/c... I was upset when I couldn't find any reviews anywhere online but I think I've done the right thing, I got very miserable at the Gateshead 10k because my wind stopper just wasn't waterproof enough and I felt really wet from rain and sweat. Which zone are you starting in? I'm in green I, aiming to get under 3 hours given my current long run pace is 13-14mins a mile. Look out for me in my Parkinson's Uk top with Laura ironed on :D good luck to you too!

  • You sound like you're doing amazingly well m'dear. They are long distances you're running, so you should be very proud of yourself. The GNR is an amazing and tough event and the runners who do it are seriously impressive. All the very best. We'll be cheering like mad for you. Loving your latest running purchases btw :) :)

  • Thanks :D can't wait to try out all my stuff, it'll soon be time for another shopping spree when the cold weather sets in ;)

  • Good luck to you for rest of training for gnr Jealous that you and Notbad were running together. Really enjoyed that Parkrun we all did together. She's the one to get you under 30 mins . New clothes always make you run faster!!!

  • Thanks Fitfor60, just let us know next time you are down this way and can fit in a parkrun (and obligatory after run cuppa ;) ) she had me run so fast I could only talk a few words at a time and for once I can feel my muscles the day after a run (I don't work hard enough on my own) here's to a sub 30 5k!

  • Oh gosh I'm sorry your legs are sore Lovefood, hope there's no damage done - you take care, don't want any mischiefs done at this stage of the game. x

  • Don't worry they are exercise sore not damaged something sore :) they need more of this type of pain so it's back at it after the GNR with another brutal Notbad training session ;) (just kidding with the brutal, I enjoyed myself!)

  • Perhaps I should remove the 'not' bit of my username... ;-)

  • Yes we must meet up again, I owe you a cuppa and cheese scone, hope all is well with you and the family :-)

  • Nice to read your update, LF. :-)

    You are covering long distances and doing great as well; even the 5.2 miles you did under circumstances that weren't great, that is a big achievement and is certainly better than no run at all! What you're doing is fantastic and will all be very worth it when you cross the finish line in three weeks and get your well earned shiny shiny medal! Keep the great work up; can't wait to read your race report after the GNR! :-)

    Some nice purchases you've made there too! I have a lightweight, discounted but still rather expensive Addidas running jacket as well but as yet haven't tried it whilst running. That one you've got looks nice. Oh and gow cool you have a fellow C25Ker as a running partner! :-)

    Oh, cows. They can be quite unnerving. :-/ Have you been watching the athletics championships from Zurich? The cows on the town moor have a lot of catching up to do; this is a proper cow: bbc.co.uk/sport/0/athletics... Look at Cooly go! :D

    Nice work, LF; keep it up! *cheers you on*

    EDIT: I meant to ask, do you take food on during your long runs?

  • The cows on the town moor need to do some serious work to get to that standard! Have to confess to missing the athletics :( thanks for the cheers, you're so right any run is better than no run and all counts towards my training :) As for food, I've had high 5 energy drink which made me sticky and feel a bit yuck on my long runs (had been using a few weeks), then switched to low cal hydrating drinks and haribo minions which made no difference and felt rubbish too, to no water, no fuel and got trapped wind although it was nice not to have to carry anything (did crave a snickers at mile 5 but there were none in sight).........haven't the foggiest what to do and will probably sip water from stations on the day of the run. Rehydrating takes me ages! It's so hard not to gulp it down when you get back as your thirsty, any tips welcome on that front I have no idea what my body wants (another good reason for sticking with 10k's!)

    Good luck with working out your schedule for next year, massively impressed you'll be training for HM's, M's and stairs!

  • Brave you and huge respect for going for it - I am just doing the GN 5k the day before!!

  • Oooo you'll have to let me know what the 5k is like since I swear I'm never doing a HM again. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fab!

  • Hi LF

    I wonder, is there any need to do further 10 mile runs before your actual race. I just did one beforehand just to prove to myself that I could do it. You don't want to tire yourself out before race day

    Good luck with it by the way. Have a great time! Hope your time is great too! LOL

  • Hi misswobble, I thought you have to keep up the long runs until two weeks before the race? (I'd love permission not to run that far ever again in training :D ) time I don't think I'll be great I'm running 13-14min miles so sub 3hrs would be nice :) speed is my next nemesis after this, it's great there is always something new to aim for with this running malarkey, can wait for miss garmin to be delivered today!

  • Firstly just wanted to say good luck with your HM - it a real achievement training and then running it! I understand what you mean about speed, i have noticed i am running slower not faster for some reason and so now adding the speed and stamina podcasts to help me with this. Plus i think if i actually knuckle down to a proper diet then losing the extra 20lbs i am carrying will help get me to go faster.

    Getting a garmin is very exciting, i understand what you mean running is not a cheap sport! I have told myself i have everything for running now so there no need to get anything else until april next year (will definately need a new pair of trainers by then)

    Hope the next 3 weeks go well for you!!

  • Thanks, miss Garmin has just proved worth her weight in gold, knocked my pace down to 12mins a mile and managed 12 miles!!! So far money well spent ;)

    I need to loose 2 stone, keep using the running as an excuse not to diet, I remember someone posted how much quicker you would get for every 1lb you lost and on that basis it's definitely worth trying, diet once the HM is over and I can't use 'fuel' as an excuse ;) I've decided its time to taper and not risk injury so will keep you all up to date on how the run goes! :D

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