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Why did I struggle?

Hi there

Well I am still feeling all fired up and enthusiastic, and have completed week 1 all ok. On Sunday I did w2r1, and while it was harder, I managed it fine and felt really good.

So this afternoon after work I did w2r2. Same route as Sunday, but my goodness I struggled. I felt so out of breath and a lot thirstier - I haven't needed to carry a drink with me up until now. The last run I was literally waiting for Laura to tell me to stop, and it was the only time I have been sorely tempted to stop before she told me (I didn't, but felt like it!)

So, does anyone have any ideas why I found this run at the same level harder? I was expecting to feel better after each run, but is that wrong? I did start trying to focus on breathing properly, so maybe that made it harder?

As I say, I'm still really enjoying all this though - cautiously looking forward to next run on Friday :-)

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Well done on the run

We all have bad runs

It was a different type of day,maybe did not drink as much during the day so slightly dehydrated before the start

Good luck for run 3 😜


Thanks for the reply. You could well be right about being a bit dehydrated :-/ I hope the next run will feel better and I'll remember to have a load of water before (may take one with me too!)


I agree with Shannie. We all have good days and bad days. Or maybe you ran faster this time? Either way, put it behind you and good luck with your next run. Just take it slow :-)

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I guess you're right, we do all have good days. I just expected to keep feeling better I suppose. Still, at least I kept running and completed it, so onwards and upwards. Thanks for your reply :-)


Just be careful not to have too much water....wee stops!!!

And as Mimsickle said start slow can always speed up at the end

And sure the next run will be great

Only new to running myself started in May and still amazed how different each run can be and it is just little things that can make the difference...busy at work,not enough or too much water/food pre run,tied

Best of luck with the rest of the program 🏃

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Haha I think I was a bit worried about needing the loo half way around! I don't want to have to do a Paula Radcliffe!

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Sometimes when a run has been really good, I start the next run feeling a bit cocky, meaning I am overconfident and therefore start too fast, and then run out of energy and every step becomes a chore and I am muttering "Come on Laura, have you forgotten me?" As everyone has said, there are good runs and there are bad runs, but all of them, good or bad, are better than no running at all.

You're doing great - keep hydrated, keep going slowly and steadily and you will be amazed at what you've achieved.


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