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A mixed bag but still smiling

After a number of not so great runs I had decided not to write another blog until I could be positive (don't want to put the newbies off) well here I am!

The last couple of weeks have really been a mixed bag...I've done OK whilst out running with the running club and really enjoyed those runs but those that I've done on my own I've really struggled with & not completed what I wanted.

Today the Park Run that I've done a few times wasn't on but there was a test run for a new one in went along to that. There were alot less runners (prob only 50 or so) and they all looked like they could go very fast but it was friendly! It wasn't my best or fastest run (37 min 20 secs acording to the Garmin) as I had to walk parts of it,.....I know what went wrong as went out to fast (dur should know better. However, as I finished (3rd from last) it felt like I'd won the race....cheering, clapping & lots of well dones. So whilst I don't think I did as well as I could the community made me feel great!! I hope they get the funding to get started as would love to be involved from day 1!!

Just need to give myself a talking too so I can back on track!

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Wow- your time is so fast! I would like some of that speed!! (oops, that sounds a bit druggy :o) Glad you are feeling more positive - I like it that you are back blogging. I must admit Iam struggling with my own attitude at the moment! Goog luck :)


official time was 37.11 so going to go with that (still not my best but 10 seconds faster than i recorded)


or even "good" luck!


Well done Ali! :)


Well done Ali, I'd be so happy with that time on a regular basis. Dodgy ankle right now which is stopping me running but still doing the Race for Life on Sunday and I'd be happy to make it within 40 minutes. Glad you have felt positive enough to blog. Hope the Park Run works out. You and Bxster have been real inspirations for me, keeping giving yourselves new challenges. One day I will get that Park Run done, when my ankle is sorted. :)


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