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W1R1...3rd time lucky? I hope so!

Well, I went out and bought some new trackys, a couple of tops and a water bottle ready to begin my run last Monday.The hubby distracted the daughter while I snuck out of the door..Freedom! :-) Until I realised after a couple of steps my Mp3 player didn't want to support me! It wouldn't work :-( (turns out the batteries were flat)

I had two choices-go home and give it up for another day, or carry on. I carried on and did a fast walk around the village...I thought anything's better than nothing-plus it would give me a proper stretch ready for when I do my run. Wanted to do a run yesterday, Mp3 player charged and ready...struggled to find the time to go out and run so thought Ill just stay in the house and follow Laura's instructions... All went well until the little one fell out of bed :-(

Tonight will be my third time of trying to complete a session....Don't know what the exercise is going to do to me when just trying to start is giving me all this stress! Hey Ho, Onward and Upward :-D

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You'll be grand...third time lucky...enjoy it :-)


You will find it easier than staying at home :) good luck, it really is a fantastic programme :)


It is tricky to juggle around kids! My seven year old was cross I went without him today. I have completed WK1 twice now and am trying to pluck up the courage to try week 2! Good luck. :)


Ooohhh bless you, trying to escape can be pretty hard with a demanding young family, but ME time is important and jogging is also a wonderful stress buster so persevere, it will happen. Good luck with the programme and if it takes you a bit longer than the 9 weeks thats not a problem everyone has to go at their pace. :)


Yay!! thank you for your encouragement...finally managed to complete it!!!

So proud of myself...and slept well last night lol.

Looking forward to the next one tomorrow :-)


Well done! Doesn't it feel great? The first week is pretty hard for someone like me who hadn't done sport for three decades, but the sense of achievement is amazing. Good luck with the rest of the runs. Enjoy!


Well done! Good luck with run two!


Well done ! You will love this program !

I just completed this morning the week 7 and I cannot wait to the new programs supposed to be relised soon !

All the best for week 2 !



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