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Opening the zip file to get it onto mp3 player... frustration is an understatement!

Hi folks.

i have spent 2 hours trying to get the files into a state that will work on my mp3 player (not an ipod). they will only download as zip files then they wont extract to find the mp3. if i put them on my mp3 as a zip file they dont play of course.

i havent even started this damned thing and i want to give up but i cant because i actually went out and bought the blasted mp3 player specifically for this.

not in the best mood because of all this faff...

tech savvies, please help!!!!

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How have you tried unzipping them?

I know it can be very frustrating trying to unzip things, as I spent a good while trying to do the same for files I wanted to look at for my garmin earlier this afternoon. I used a free thing, JustZIPit. I don't think I had any trouble with the c25k files though.

Don't give up though - it is such a good programme.


i may not be steve jobs but i know how to unzip a file. it is that it wont let me unzip them. i cant unzip them. i cant change the file format to create a wma file. i cant do anything.

i cant give up... you have to be able to start something to be able to give it up!

it will just have to wait until i can possibly use a different PC and try that. failing that i will just have to accept that i have wasted the little money i have on trainers and an mp3 player.


I know how to unzip a file too, but I couldn't unzip the ones I was after this afternoon! Where have you downloaded them from? I think you can find them in various different places online? I think (can't quite remember now) I tried to download them from one place (maybe here???) but couldn't get them to work, and then got them from itunes (which took me ages because I hardly ever use itunes and got totally lost in the system for ages).

Sorry if that's no help at all - just trying to offer something that might work.


If you can unzip other files, but not these ( just checking!) you must double check the size of the zip files. In case the download failed and you only got damaged archives. If they are even a few kilobytes smaller they will not unzip.

Can you tell what is the error you are getting?


the error message says something about inserting the last disk.

does anyone know where i can download the same program from somewhere else also for free? maybe that could work....


i found an alternative one on another site. not the best music but it will suffice for now.


Hmmm the error sounds like you are trying to unzip a multi-volume archive ( meaning that the original file was split into at least 2 ( or more) volumes ) and you need to have all of them in one folder to sucessfully unzip.

where did you get your zips from?

If you are using XP or Windows 7 you must be able to unzip the file by right clicking it and saying extract.

I always use program called WinRar, which I think is free to try for 40 days, and I do try it thoroughly....lol


I got them off itunes, but they were free (the NHS ones).


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