Couch to 5K

Volunteers to help promote Couch to 5k

Hello again runners,

Many of you have posted over the past months that more people need to be made aware of what a fantastic programme Couch to 5k is and how much it has changed your lives and can change others'. Now's your chance to help us do just that.

My colleagues in the press office for NHS Choices are keen to speak to any of you who is willing to tell your story so they can prepare some case studies. It is these personal stories that inspire other people who never thought they'd ever be a runner to do the programme.

Please send me a message with some contact details for you if you'd like to be contacted. I posted a similar request a couple of months back and half a dozen or so of you left comments. If you're still interested, please send me a direct message with contact details.

Best wishes


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I have woked for the NHS for ove 20 years and think this is the best NHS£ ever spent I couldn't praise the programme more highly. Despite being health conscious I hadn't really done any regular exercise since school (a long time ago!) Just a thought but did you want email addresses - I am a bit wary of putting email address on website that everyone can see, as there have been intermittent problems eg with spam


Hi John. I'd be happy to be contacted and/or be a case study - but won't be offended if you decide not to use me; I just wanna keep running!


I PM'd JR21 privately just click his namw above.


To everyone who has sent me a message, thank you. I'll harvest all of your details today and pass them to my colleagues in the press office who will be in touch shortly!

I asked everyone to message me rather than post a comment so the email addresses wouldn't be public, which should get round the spam problem etc... but do let me know if anything fishy starts happening to your emails.


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