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Couch to 5k and Parkrun Complete!


Hi everyone, long-time reader but first-time poster here! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being such a lovely community- despite never getting directly involved with posts, seeing all of your encouraging messages and pride in your personal accomplishments really inspired me to keep going, and to begin to truly love running! I have now completed C25K and have finished my first Parkrun in a not-too-shabby time of 25:42, so hopefully this post inspires some of you as yours did for me 😊 You can do it, and happy running!

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Excellent work and really good time filler r parkrun.👏

Thanks MvBrown- means a lot! :)


Fantastic time, keepgoing8991! You’re right up there! The park runs are a real morale booster aren’t they? Running to a set time and distance is a discipline that I need as I can be inclined to be too kind to myself when things get more of a challenge! Are you gonna try for the 10k next?

Thank you so much! Yes they definitely are, although I found running at 9am quite challenging as I'm usually more of a night owl myself haha. Definitely pushed me to go faster than usual though. Yes currently aiming for 10k, hope all goes well with your running!


You are fast!

keepgoing8991 in reply to Beccym

Haha thank you, to be fair- I did feel like throwing up afterwards! 🤣


Wow ace time! I did first park run Sat in 36 mins and the achievement felt good. Just to think how far come from couch to 5k! Keep going... 10k next for u!

keepgoing8991 in reply to zog3

That's awesome, well done!! It's crazy to think about the progression from 90 seconds of running in those early days isn't it?! Good luck to you in your running!


Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

Keep running keep smiling.

Thank you very much, that looks like it will be very helpful!

Wow- really fast pace- well done- am.hoping to do my first park run this weekend 😁

Thank you, it was a challenge but definitely felt worth it afterwards! Ooh good luck to you, I'm sure you'll ace it! Let us know how you get on 😁


Wow great pace, well done and well done for finishing C25K. Happy running to you too 🙂🌻


Not too shabby?! That’s a scorching pace. Mega congrats!

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