Are you a Couch to 5k graduate? Add the badge to your profile

Hello runners,

We've made a little change to the community so that you can now have a 'Graduate' badge added to your username when you complete the 9 week programme. It's the least we can do to recognise your achievement, and it'll let others know that you've been through it all when you comment on their posts or write your own blog.

To get the badge, either drop me a message or post a comment below and I'll make sure it's added.

Good luck with your next run!



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296 Replies

  • Yes please!

    Thank you.

  • Me too!

    With thanks.

  • I graduated last Sunday - just in time! Please can I have a badge! Thank you x

  • I LOVE my badge! THANK YOU X

  • My pleasure. Dishing out the badges easily the highlight of my day!

  • I graduated about a month ago, thanks!

  • Graduated today can I have a badge please, thanks :) :) :)

  • Would love one too, please! Great idea, thanks :-)

  • Yes please:) I graduated about 2 weeks ago! Thanks

  • yes please

  • great idea. yes please

  • Yes please :)

  • Yes please

  • yes please - need all the positive motivation I can get!!!

  • thats great, thanks. Just another little thing to inspire and keep us hooked, i like!!!

  • me too please

  • Yes please, can I have one

  • Thank you John :)

  • Oooh yes please thank you!

  • Graduated yesterday! Woohoo!

  • I graduated 3 weeks ago! would LOVE a badge!! thankyou!

  • Yes please!

  • Can I have one please!!!!

  • Ooh yes please- just done my 3rd run since graduating last week and cracked the full 5k for the first time...!

  • Thats fab, well done :)

  • Yes please. I graduated 3 weeks ago on my 62nd birthday. Yay!!! Up to 35 mins now.

  • Me too please :-)

  • yes please... graduated two weeks ago..

  • A great idea - can I have one too? Can I? Can I?

  • Me too please!

  • Me too please - I've done the 9 weeks and managed to run 5k (taking a bit more than 30 mins) this morning :)

  • I've done the 9 weeks twice (once on a treadmill and once outside) and completed a 5K yesterday.


  • Hi, I graduated today on a parkrun, so badge please too, thanks.

  • Yes please John!


  • Could you give me a badge too please? I graduated yesterday and it's my birthday today!


  • Could I have a badge please :) I graduated today :)

  • Well done everybody. Keep those requests coming. It's a real pleasure to give out the badges when you complete the programme and to read your positive, inspiring messages.

    Have a good week


  • I'd really like a badge too.

  • o o o o can I have a badge please can I can I ?

  • As you asked so nicely... ;-)

  • Yes please :-)

  • Hi I graduated some weeks ago now can you add the badge to my profile? And I shall wear it with pride!

  • Yes please, 4th/30 min run completed and managed 5k last night albeit on a treadmill, which I have never used before.

    Really proud as i have never been able to run, just shows what we can do.

    i have passed the message on and amazed how people are giving it a go :-)

  • I successfully completed the 9 weeks last Thursday. I have since been out for a run on Saturday and Tuesday and will be out in the rain tomorrow. I am a convert at the age of 63 I actually like running. Badge would be great. Thanks

  • Yes please, me too. Graduated last October!!! :-)

  • Lola, my dog and running mate, completed our last run of week 9 last night !!! Great feeling

  • Well done you & well done Lola!

  • Graduated on 1st april (Not kidding!) Would love a badge thanks.

  • Yes please, graduated on the 9th March, still running 3 times a week... Can't stop :)

  • can i have my badge pls thank you :)

  • graduated this morning, would love a badge thankyou :)

  • Finished on 1st March 2012, and now regularly running 30 mins three times a week. Thanks Laura and fellow C25k-ers!

  • Oh forgot to say, yes please, would LOVE a badge!

  • Can I have a badge please? Graduated about a month ago. Thanks!

  • Hi, I finished today, can I have the badge please, thank you

  • can i have the badge pls graduated last friday . many thanks

  • Graduated last week, will feel left out without a badge!!


  • Hello John,

    Have graduated a little while ago could I have a badge please :)

  • I would very much like my badge now oh mighty John...

  • Your wish is my command Sidin. :-)

  • Married to Edensmiths and I too desire a 'Graduate' tag oh great one!

  • I have graduated a few weeks ago but just realized I can have a badge if I ask. Now getting ready for a 10k race in June...

  • Hi there could I have the lovely badge now too please? Thanks!

  • I did it! Please may I have the coveted badge?

  • Yes please, completed a few weeks ago and have kept on running. Now doing at least 45 mins per run and well over the 5k. Aiming for a sub 60 min 10k now.

  • Hello! I graduated yesterday : ) Can I have a badge please? Thank you.

  • Please can I have my graduate badge as I completed the programme on friday? Many thanks! ;-)

  • Hi I completed the podcasts on Saturday. Can I please have the nice graduate badge. Thanks.

  • Poppy and me splashed our way through puddles and sunshine on our w9r3 run yesterday. Thanks to everyone for the great support here. Could we have a chocolate flavour C25k graduate badge to share please?

  • Ha ha... I wish I could make it chocolatey for you Beckipeg. Hope the lime flavour one is OK.


  • Just completed my W9R3 this morning. Please can I have a graduate badge :-)

    Thank you !

  • Completed it a couple of weeks ago but didnt know how to get the badge xD so could i have one please? :)

  • Completed last Nov but new to the health unlocked. Would be proud to have a badge please


  • C25K is absolutely brilliant and for me did exactly what it says on the me off the settee to running 5k. Took a little longer than 9 weeks as I repeated some of the runs when they didnt go so well, but I completed a few weeks ago and am now in training for my first 10k in early July, which I wouldnt have believed possible a few months ago.

  • Finished today can i get my badge please!

  • me too, please!! :D

  • Cannot believe that I did it and to be honest no one else can either. We now have a couch to 5k club going at work and it is working a treat. We are planning to organise a work 5k run in early June

  • Completed today! Please may I now have a badge?

  • i graduated today ,so please could i get my badge . Thank you :)

  • Completed today and would love a badge, thank you!


  • Me please :)

  • Ive finally graduated today. Can I have my badge pleasee. Thank you :)

  • Hi, may i have my graduate badge too :-)

  • I graduated yesterday..yippee......

    CAn I have a badge please.

  • Hi, I've just come back from my graduation run! So happy!!!! :-)

  • I've just graduated and would love a badge!


  • Hi, I graduated today. I would love a badge please. Thanks so much :)

  • Please can I have mine? Completed the programme on the week of my birthday (10 April) still running x3 per week. Fastest time 5k in 23minutes (I was out of breath!)


  • Hi, I graduated today please may I have a badge, thank you x

  • I graduated today, please can i have a badge? Thanks you x

  • Hi, I've graduated, can I have my badge please? :D

  • just graduated ,can i have a badge please .:-)

  • Yes please! x

  • just graduates ten minutes ago!!! Can i have a badge please?

  • YES, YES, YES!!! I've only gone and graduated!! Whoop, whoop!! Just in from my w9r3..and so excited about getting my graduate badge!!! :D :D :D

  • I graduated last year with the help of a lot of guys on here from the old site. I've not been on this site but I have continued running and rather selfishly want to come back to the site for more support as I prepare for my first half marathon eek!

  • Graduated today! Went out early with faithful hound and did third half hour run. Still a bit short of 5km (more like 4.8) but really pleased with myself and legs feel fine. Next target is the 5k in 30 mins and some more routes with less uphill would be nice......oh yes and the graduate badge too, please!

  • Graduated this morning, tired and emotional, never thought I could do it. Thanks to everyone here for their support and inspiration, to NHS for providing this brilliant resource for free and most of all to Laura for being with me every step of the way.

    Can I have my shiny badge now please? :)

    See you all in September.

  • Never thought I would get this far when I started my W1R1, but today I completed my W9R3. It has been an adventurous journey for me, discovering what is possible when you have a plan and stick to it. Thanks to NHS for providing such a wonderful resource and for the community for helping and motivating each other through this journey.

    Looking forward to having a shiny "Graduate" badge next to my handle soon. :)

    Thanks one and all.

  • Actually earned that badge now.. Please may I have it? Many thanks in advance..

  • Finally graduated! :)

  • Graduated yesterday by completing my first 5K as my W9R3. Yay! :)

  • Graduated today - thanks John

  • Graduated Yesterday....... on 28/5/2012...........thanks :D

  • Graduated yesterday - thanks to NHS, Laura & this forum...thanks John.

  • Graduated this morning and would love a tag! I couldn't have done it without C25K.

  • Graduated yesterday so happy :)

  • Graduated yesterday, please can I have that tag. Thanks John

  • Graduated last week! It's my birthday next week so could I have a graduate badge to celebrate? I never dreamt I'd be running for 30 minutes at 45 years old - I certainly couldn't when I was 18!

  • Graduated yesterday and would love a badge - thanks!

    Yay. I just love this programme!

  • Yes please

  • Yes please. I finished W9R3 yesterday!! Can't wait.

  • Hi, I graduated last Friday, I think I messaged you, but if it didn't get through please could I have a 'graduate' badge. Thanks :)

  • Hi - completed final run this morning - c25k is fantastic - thank u so much

    could I have my badge please ! - thanks

  • I am now a week past my graduation - now running 35 mins and 5.6k! Loving it - can I have my badge please? Sent a message to you a week ago?

  • I would love my graduate badge please - I've finally graduated enroute to 10k! Thanks :-)

  • Running 5k now non stop....could be faster but I'm running! So please can I have my graduate badge! Woohoo!!

  • I graduated a couple of months ago and I'm happy to say that I'm continuing to run 3 or 4 times per week. I'd love to have the graduate badge. Doing this is something I'm really proud of. Ran 50 minutes today (I'm a 64 year old ex smoker!!)

  • Hurray!!! At last after a big break due to tendonitis I've graduated, please can I have my graduate badge?

  • I've done it--graduated 2 hours ago!! Please may I have a badge. This C25K podcast is great, I'm recommending it to everyone.

  • Hi I've just done my last run, please can I have a badge. Feeling 10 feet tall and buzzing like a bee!

  • I ran for 35 mins without stopping yesterday (woo-hoo!) but only managed 4.5K - does that still count as graduating? (I really hope so as there was no way I could have done anymore!) This is a great programme, I have recommended it to loads of people.

  • Graduated last week, have managed to run three 5k's this week Please send me my graduation badge thanks

  • please can I have my badge! I graduated a couple of weeks ago but did my first 5k race on sunday in 33 minutes at the tesco race for life!

  • Please can I have my badge, I have just done the last run. Thanks :)

  • Please can I have a graduate badge to wear with pride?!

  • Hey John - please can I have a shiney new graduate badge?! Graduated tonight and still glowing with acomplishment!!!


  • Hi John - please can I have my badge as I graduated this morning and am well chuffed - many thanks!!

  • HI, absolutely gobsmacked that I have completed the 9 weeks and am still going. Doing 3.5 miles every other day takes me 50 minutes but at least I am up and moving and have lost over 2 stone. My BMI says I am obese but this has spurred me on to decrease my BMI to a healthy number. Thanks NHS Choices and Laura

  • Graduated today :-)

  • Hi John,

    Did the 5k race for life this morning - could I have my badge please?

  • Thank you!

  • Hi John, graduated a few weeks ago, may I have a graduate badge?

  • Please may I have a graduate badge? Thanks :D

  • Graduated on Saturday. Can I have my graduate badge please

  • Graduated on Monday, thanks for the badge.

  • Hi, can I have a badge please?

  • Graduated. 30 minutes and 5k, though not 5k in 30 minutes...yet!

  • Hello :) Graduated today...could I have that badge now please? :D

  • Hi John. Graduated yesterday W9R3. The toughest run yet due to wind and rain blowing in off the river Mersey and the proof that this course really does achieve results. There is no way I could have completed 30 mins non stop without the structured system and just doing what Laura said. The music was a massive motivator and really helped push through the parts of a run that got a bit tough. Please excuse me, because I am quite new to your site but are there plans for a 10k podcast. I hope so because I bet every graduate would love to do a 10k and with Laura guiding us all along everyone would do it. My goal is to get up to 50 mins running 3 times per week if anyone could throw there oar in and give me some guidence I would really appreciate it. Its clear the rest days are important ........sorry very important!!! we all need to R&R (Rest and Recuperate) A days rest between runs is vital.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NHS for financing this project it is clearly a success (unlike many projects that fail miserabley!!) I just hope they continue to invest in this project and who knows one day we maybe running the Virgin London Marathon with Laura spurring us on to the finish line. For those of you who think its a bit too ambitious let me ask you this did you all REALLY believe you could run for 30 minutes non stop when you started, if you did'nt then whats stopping you running for 3 or 4 hours (Im talking time here not distance) I think the idea of running a certain amount of time is more important than the distance covered hence the fact that I would like to run for 50 minutes rather than run 8-10k.

    Hope you can supply a badge (I will wear it with pride!!!) To me its like an Olymipic were did I put my "Chariots of Fire" DVD!!!!!!!

    Ps just going down stairs to watch the Olympic Flame arrive in London how is that for timing!!!!

  • Hiya,

    Graduated today by completing W9R3 and managed to do the 5k too, bonus! Can I have my badge please?? Thanks.

  • Hello

    I managed to do it!! W9 done - please can I have my badge? Thank you so much

  • Hi, I actually graduated a couple of weeks ago! Can I get my badge please?

  • Hi graduated last year - but haven't been here for a while. Would be lovely to have a badge! Many thanks

  • Evening! Another dead chuffed graduate here too!

  • Hi, graduated last week, would love to have a badge, Thank you.

  • Hi I'm a graduate!

  • Hello, I didn't follow this link but sent you a message - apologies! Please can I have a lovely green badge too.. I graduated yesterday :)

    Thank you

  • Graduated yesterday! Would love a badge to show my achievement! I'm so happy :-)

    Thank you!

  • Hello, I graduated all of 3 hours ago but would love my badge at some point please? Many thanks!

  • I've just got home after finishing my 3rd run of week 9 - could I have my graduate badge, please! Now to start 5k+!

  • Can I have my graduate badge please? Actually finished it 2 weeks ago.. still running! Just started the 5k+ :-)

  • Graduated yesterday and feeling very positive about carrying on running. Would love to see my graduate badge when you have a mo' to add it. Many thanks,

  • Hi Graduated this morning (nice & cool for running) can I have my badge please, many thanks.

  • I completed W9 R3 this morning, I'd love a graduate badge pretty please:-)

  • Hello! Can I please have a graduate badge? I have only just signed up to the community (even though I was reading it pretty much every day!), but graduated the week before last :)

  • Hi! Would you add my graduate badge when you get chance? I completed the programme this morning!

    A big thanks you to all the admins and volunteers who keep his wonderful board going and to all the other C25Ks who offer their experiences, advice and, most of all, their ongoing support.

    Hurrah for all of us!

  • I completed C25K yesterday and would be delighted to receive graduate badge. Thanks

  • Me too please

  • well done everyone! I graduated today can I please have my badge :)

  • Hello. Well done to everyone who has graduated so far.

    I graduated this evening with my last run on week 9. I cannot believe how fast the nine weeks have gone past doing this program. Thanks for the great podcasts and can I claim my graduate badge now.

  • Is this still the correct place to ask for our graduation badges?

  • hi, i graduated a couple of weeks ago. would love to get my badge please :)

  • I've just graduated! I'm so happy. Could I have the lovely green badge please? Thanks very much!

  • Can I please have my graduate badge I finished this morning


  • I am excited to finish the C25K on 22 August was wondering if I could get a badge? Thanks heaps!

  • graduate me please!! I deserve it after 9 weeks of hard work!! XD

  • Hi-completed the programme mid august and it would be great to see the badge next to posts. Also thanks for this community. It's a real help

  • I've finished the program last Fri. and am now ready to run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Sept. 9. Never thought I'd get this far. Please add my graduate badge. Thank you NHS.

  • Hi there - I graduated last Tuesday (Sept 4) after starting on June 29. It's been a fabulous experience and I'm now as fit or fitter than I was when I was 16 (just a mere 27 years ago!). Thanks for getting me off the couch - now looking forward to my first 5K race at end of October on the Saturday of the Great South Run down here in Portsmouth (might try for the full 10 miles / 16K next year!)

  • Hi. I graduated a month or so back and am on a mission to get faster.

  • Hi, I graduated yesterday and sent you a little message but no badge yet. Know it's kinda silly to desire a little green word next to your name but it represents all the time and effort devoted. Can't wait till I see mine. Thanks again in advance!

  • Can I have a graduation badge please. I completed this programme and year and a half ago but fell down the stairs and broke a part of my lower back. I'm now back up and running again and am on week 7. I would like one for the first time of completion and to push me to complete it this time and hopefully push me on to further plans. Thank you

  • Have now graduated for the second time. Have caught the flu so graduated just in time as I won't be able to run this week.

    Thanks for the badge

  • Can I have a graduation badge please! I graduated last week!

  • Thanks so much for these pod casts. They really are life changing! Anyway I graduated last week and ran 25.41 in my first park run. I'd have never of done this without the casts. Can I get a graduate badge please!

  • yes please, I cannot believe I can run for 5km now! Podcasts were brilliant, thank you

  • just done it. thanks for the excellent podcasts and this amazing community

  • Hello, Please can I have a 'Graduate' badge added to my profile?

  • Graduated tonight. Can I have a badge please?

  • Hi JR21. Could I possibly be awarded with my graduate badge. I completed W9R3 at 10.08 this morning. Thanking you in anticipation.

  • Hello, I just graduated, can I please have a graduation badge? Thank you!

  • I am so proud to say that at 0750 this morning, I graduated! The first graduate in our house! Please, please can I have a graduation badge? Thank you so much - Katrina

  • I am so proud that at 0750 this morning, I graduated - the first graduate in our house! Can I please, please have a badge! Thank you so much - Katrina.

  • Hi I graduated 4 weeks ago but have only just found this brilliant site. 13 weeks ago I couldn't

    Have dreamt about how much I've achieved. Thank you.

  • Hi, I completed W9R3 on Friday. Can you please add the badge to my profile? Many thanks

  • How do!

    Can you add the graduate badge to my profile please? Week 9 run 3 completed this morning!


    Thank you! :)

  • My turn! May I have a badge please? Thanks!

  • Wk 9/3 done at last! Please may I have a badge?

  • W9R3 done successfully this am. Please may I have the graduate badge please?

  • done and dusted... please can i have a graduate badge ..

    many thanks

  • Hello I graduated at the beginning of this month :-)

  • I made it through all 9 weeks and did a 5k. I finally made it. Thanks

  • W9R3: Graduated on the 17th Sept. Excited for a badge! Thanks :D

  • Completed on 4th November 2012. Can I have a badge please.

  • Hi I graduated last week, 29th October, can I have a graduate badge please. Thank you.

  • Hi I graduated this morning can I have a badge please. Thank you

  • Hi John,

    I did send a message but not sure if that was the right thing or not. I completed my graduation run on Sunday so please could I have one of the very lovely shiny badges.

    Thank you.

  • Can I please have my graduate badge - I graduated on 26.10.12. Can you also let me know where I can obtain the couch 25K graduation Tshirt

  • Hi, I graduated yesterday and yes I am still on a high. Could I please get the lovely shiny badge??? It will be one of my most prized possessions :-).


  • Hello! I have completed the programme today for the second time!! The first time i felt unworthy of a badge because i knew i had to stop to let severe shin splints heal - i rested for 3 months and have just completed week 9 today! Wooohooooooo! :-)

  • Hello there! I completed the 9 week programm last week! I would be very pleased and proud to have my Graduate badge :D! Because I'm finally a 5k Runner!

    Thank you so much! :) Even though I'm new here... I received a lot of nice and kind words about my graduation.... And I think that the good vibes coming from this community will help me to complete the next step: 5k+ Programme !

    Congratulations to all, like me, are finally graduated! We did it! And for those who are near... :) Keep going!

  • Hi, could I have my nice green graduate badge? Would make me very happy!

  • Hi John,

    I graduated yesterday and will blog about it tomorrow. Can I have a badge please? Can't believe I've done it - thought I'd be quite content with running for 20 minutes and yesterday I did 43!

    This programme is amazing.

  • hello

    i 'graduated' last week, only took me about four months ....

    thanks, judith

  • I completed week 9 yesterday and would LOVE a badge, thanks :)

  • Hi, finished today and would be pleased as punch to get my graduate badge. Thank you!

  • Please Sir - can I have my badge?

    I've just done week 9 run 3 today!


  • Hi, I graduated yesterday woo hoo, please please can I have a lovely green badge??

    Thank yoy

  • Completed W9R3 today, may I please have a shiny new badge :-)


  • Hello! Delighted to say I finished W9R3. May I have a beautiful badge please?

    Thank you!

  • Hi I completed week 9 in christmas week can I have a badge please :-)

  • Hello,

    Glad to let you know that I graduated last week. Thank you.


  • Hi I graduated yesterday! Could I have my badge please? Thanks. Tricia

  • HI - I graduated before xmas but ive been so busy Ive not been on here - can I have a badge please!!!???

  • Hi, I graduated today! Please can I have a badge?

    Thanks x

  • Hi there!

    Completed my graduation run today and stocked!

    May I have the badge please?

    Many thanks!

  • Hi! I graduated yesterday. Can I get my badge please? Thank you so much!

  • Hi I graduated yesterday. May I have my badge please.. thank you.....

  • Just graduated yesterday. Please may I have my badge. Thanks!

  • Graduated last night with a triumphant full 5K in 38 minutes. Please can I have the badge to crown my sense of AMAZING!!?

    Thanks very much

  • I graduated yesterday =) thank u so much c25k!

  • Week Nine in the bag !!!! Cant believe I did it.....actually I cried at the end of the final run !!! Could I please have my badge, and thank you !!!

  • Congratulations, this is an old Blog and I don't think JR21 is around anymore, you need to go to and then click the send message button to send a request to ask for your Badge!

  • I've just this morning finished week 9 run 3...Felt like two ton tessy but I've done...could I please have the absolute honour of my badge please...with real grateful thanks to all at c25k Lots of Love


  • Congratulations, this is an old Blog and I don't think JR21 is around anymore, you need to go to and then click the send message button to send a request to ask for your Badge!

  • Thanks a lot OlsBean, I've done that now..

  • Hello! I graduated today! May I please have the Green Badge of success?! :D

  • week9 ,ran 5 miles! ;-)

  • Hi, I graduated last Wednesday, but did not feel happy because I struggled to complete it, so I completed week 9 again and did it. :-) I feel so good, I will now continue onto the next steps. Thank you Laura for being my personal trainer and giving me the help and push I needed. Can I have my badge, thanks

  • Yes please :-)

  • May I have my badge, please?

  • I completed week 9 run 3 today, please may I have my badge???

  • Hello!! Can I have my graduate badge please? I cant really beleive it but i have graduated!!

  • me please!

  • Whoop Whoop! Just finished w9r3! Can I have a badge please :)

  • Yes please, I did it! 5.15k to be precise!

  • Hi I completed this a while ago but was nt sure how to go about the "graduate badge " I ran a 10 k in 50 mins and completed 5 k in 23 mins but more importantly can run for over 30 mins every other day at the minimum cheers Sarah

  • :-) finished the programme whoppee!! Not sure if posting in the right place

    Laura & the programme are amazing & I'm recommending it to everyone xx

  • Me please!

  • Please can you update me to graduate now!? #chuffed

  • I graduated yesterday! :)

  • Hiya, I graduated yesterday, Sunday 3rd August, can I have a badge please!

  • Hello!! I graduated this morning!! Woo hoo! Can I have a badge please?? Lis

  • Hi John

    Can I have a badge please, I graduated on on Monday 25th August. Thank you

  • Just completed my third run of week 9, can I be 'graduated'?

  • Hello,

    I completed the programme! Did W9R3 on Thursday 11th of September.

    Thank you

  • OMG - I am actually really excited. Please can I have my badge, please please please! Thank you in anticipation x

  • Could I have mine, please?

  • Just graduated! :D

  • hi there been running to c25k since may and longer. run about 4 times per week for generally about 1 hour plus each time. does that mean i have graduated. tried following the programme and did so quite well but where it told me to walk i just kept running. and when it said stop and cool down i just kept running to get the min 60 min run. do i have to follow the course religiously to graduate. thanks for a great forum.

  • I graduated today! ! Yippee badge please

  • I graduated in August and didn't know how to get my badge. Also could someone tell me how to put a photo on my profile please?

    Thank you. giggles

  • Click your own name on the top bar, then update profile, then click the upload boxes - there are two, one for your profile pic, one for your bigger pic across the top of your page if you want obe there.

  • Thank you Curlygurly. I was trying to do it on my IPad as soon as I went on my computer I could do it.

  • Thank you Curlygurly. I was trying to do it on my IPad as soon as I went on my computer I could do it.

  • Thank you Curlygurly. I was trying to do it on my IPad as soon as I went on my computer I could do it.

  • I graduated in August and didn't know how to get my badge. Also could someone tell me how to put a photo on my profile please?

    Thank you. giggles

  • graduated and in need of badge, thank you :)

  • Brilliant podcast. Graduated.

  • Could You put graduate at the side of my name please. User name. Coope. Thank you.

  • Hello, I completed week 9 on the 10th of Jan. I have been trying to get a graduate badge with no luck. Could I have one please. Thank you, Coope.

  • hi

    i ran for 30 mins last night for the 3rd time in week 9!

    i ran for 3.55km

    does this mean i have graduated or do i need to run for actual 5k?

    i could have ran for maybe another 5-10 minutes so will keep going till i reach 5k, no matter how long it takes!!!

    kerry mcnuggett :0)

  • Just completed run 3 of week 9 , awesome program, never thought I could do it. Can I have my graduate badge please?

  • Done it


  • Not sure of the right place to record my achievement - I did it today - 3rd 5k of the week!

    Can I have a badge, pretty please?

  • Hi John please may I have my badge week 9 completed 2 weeks ago So happy and now embarked on C25K+

    best wishes


  • Congratulations on graduating, sorry for the delay, I don't think is particular thread is monitored as much anymore, I came across you request by chance.

  • Please could i have my badge, I graduated today.

  • Congratulations on graduating, sorry for the delay, I don't think is particular thread is monitored as much anymore, I came across you request by chance.

  • thank you

  • Please can I have my "graduate" badge please as I have completed all runs of the c25k.

  • Congratulations on graduating, sorry for the delay, I don't think is particular thread is monitored as much anymore, I came across you request by chance.

  • I just finished! It took me 9 months in all (kept failing weeks and having to go back and do them again) but I have now run for 30 minutes 4 times in total. Please can I have the Graduate badge. Thanks!

  • I just graduated :)

    Thank you!

  • Yes please that would be great! Thank you :)

  • Yes please :)

  • I would like a badge! I graduated October 7 and did my first actual 5K on October 17. Really enjoyed the podcast!

  • Hi john I have completed the couch to 5k programme today! Please could I get the graduate badge added to my profile?



  • Graduated last night! Can I have a badge please!! ;)

  • Can we have a badge added? Thanks. 

  • Just completed Week 9 Run 3 yesterday -- :)  Please sir, could I have a badge?  Cheers!

  • Happy Easter graduate 🤗

  • Hi - can I have a badge - I just finished!!

  • Could you please add a badge for me :) thank you!

  • Hi neuropsycsci

    This thread is very old, please can you apply here if that's okay , just so you are in the September Graduates Roll Call ?

  • Thanks - graduating tomorrow (I hope)

  • Hi simonHumph

    Please apply on the link below, once you have completed !

    Many thanks

  • You betcha!

  • c25k completed, can i have the badge please and ty

  • Just ran week 9 run 3 last I've completed the program. Graduate badge please! :)

  • Very well done on graduating, but be aware this is an old post - you need to look for the pinned post July 2017 graduations.😊

  • Okay, I'll look for it thanks!

  • I completed Couch to 5k programme today ...13th July. My user name is Cathy Bea

    I'm looking forward to the next challenge.

  • Hello!

    I did my W9R3 this morning... I am now a C25K graduate!

    Please can arrange my badge?

    Many thanks,


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