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Couch to 5K
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It's complete - couch to 5k

I am happy to say I have completed the programme. I have done the whole thing on my treadmill which helped me to keep track. I can run for 30 mins solid and did 5k in 41 mins and 50 secs today. I am increasing my speed and hope to get quicker. So pleased and am recovering much quicker now. Managed to lose so far 12lb in weight and hope some more will continue to come away. I feel much better in myself and am determined to continue.

Haven't taken it outside yet but still plan to in the coming months and am going to invest in better shoes in the coming weeks.

My new goals are:

1 get outside and be able to do what I can inside when out

2 increase stamina speed.

3 get prepared for attempting a 5k this year and 10k next year.

4 look to see if there are any local clubs I can join to help me improve.

Time to put my feet up with a cuppa me thinks.

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well done on a good job done your a runner now try some of the other podcast this should help you increase your speed


Congratulations! It feels great doesn't it? Don't forget to go and get your shiny graduate badge,


Well done!!


Fantastic Shiane, well done. Its great that you have some goals in mind too. Keep us posted on how you get on x


Thanks all I am so pleased to have achieved this. I am worried about going outside which is why I have been putting it off. I am going to though. I am doing the race for life with a friend and daughter in a couple of weeks but anticipate that being a quick walk so we can do it together. Will need to find a 5k for me to do later in the year.

Graduation badge?


Hi Shiane, congratulations on graduating! Yes you need to ask for a shiny new badge from the administrators; think it's a pinned post. Do try running outdoors, it's a different experience and even if you decide it's not for you, def don't be scared to try it. X




Well done.


Well done on completing the programme. Enjoy your graduation and you certainly deserve that cup of tea. Best wishes.


Well done!

You will love running outside. There's nothing like the wind in your hair, the sun on your back, at least in summer, the casual wave to the oncoming car and the euphoria of finishing and walking those last few yards back to your front door.

This is the start of something real big and, if I were a betting man, I'd put a fiver on you beating your targets faster that you ever dreamed possible.

Fantastic stuff!


Well as a little treat and in preparation for running outside I went to a running shop and replace my "retro" trainers that were almost worn through. The lady in the store found them to be most entertaining. I had my gait analysis checked on the in store treadmill and purchased an incredibly brightly coloured pair of shoes. They feel lighter then my previous ones and I have used them tonight inside on my tmill. The shop actually had a running class for free but it's an hours drive from where I stay. I am going to look locally for something. I did make it to park this week but was working in my car. Just need to get out of the car and give it a go next time.

Signed up for a 5k with race for life which I am doing with a friend and her daughter. Going to walk it together but will possibly be the first attempt at doing anything outside. Going to be brave.

Thanks for your support and encouragement. Xx


There'll be no stopping you now you've got the proper running trainers - a well deserved reward. I'm sure you will enjoy the R4L whether walking it or doing some jogging - good for you, I've heard the atmosphere at these R4L's is fantastic. Mine's in June. Enjoy your new brightly coloured shoes. Cheers.


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