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Couch to 5k completed

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So I got up stupidly early this morning to go for my last run before it started to rain. Left the house at about 6.05 and Decided that I wanted to use my own music for the first time so pu a timer on for 35 mins (including warm up) and put the iPod on shuffle. Started to run and foud that weirdly my iPod played all the upbeat music and didn't hve to change song once. Running today was good, did a slightly different route to the other runs I have done recently and ran a little further too. I find that I don't really struggle until I get to the 15 minute mark and that's when I have to start concentrating on my breathing so that I don't burn out half way round. I am so pleased that I decided to do this programme. It's definitely been a great experience and made me fitter, with the added bonus that I have lost just under a stone and a half during these 9 weeks. I enjoy running and have even roped my boyfriend into running with me and have downloaded couch to 5k for my mum and dad to use. Onto couch to 5k plus and I definitely will keep this up! I'm thinking I might do a 10k run or maybe even the bath half next year but we will have to wait and see. Brilliant programme for anyone who needs a little help, motivation or structure to introduce them to getting fit. Good luck to anyone who is starting. And to anyone who is thinking about it, do it you won't regret it, promise!!!

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Ahhh so nice to hear your positive comments about the programme and CONGRATULATIONS!

I feel the same, it was wonderful to have some structure and help along the way.

Happy running

very well done and great to hear how many people you have influenced along the way and that you plan bigger and further things. Congratulations- happy running! :)

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Well done you,its a great feeling :-)

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Well done. I bet you've got a smile on your face from ear to ear! It's a great feeling and a wonderful achievement.

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Well done! Hope you've messaged JR21 for your badge :)

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alexstadGraduate in reply to doggymum

I didn't know that's what you did to get a badge. What do I say? I'm a little excited about it if I'm honest. :)

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AliB1Graduate in reply to alexstad

just say 'can i have my graduate badge please'

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Well done! congrats on the weight loss as well. ;)

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Hey, also thinking of doing bath half!! I used to marshal it when I was in air cadets; never thought I could actually run it. So maybe see you there!!

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Congratulations! Keep on running!

Congratulations. Well done.

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Congratulations! :) :)

Congratulations on your achievement :-)

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congratulations!! a week more to go for me! :)

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