Wahey!! Yipee!! Week 5 Race 3 :D

I did it, I did it, I did it!!!

I haven't done any running since last Wednesday because I came down with a cold and a nasty chesty cough :( I really wanted to do it and came on here for advice, deciding to leave it and try again when I was better. Well, that day was today and I'm so happy because it killed me staying still! Say what???

Anyhoo, I've done it!!! Last 2 minutes nearly broke me but I was determined after coming so far and boy do I feel good. I still can't understand how its possible but it is... :D

Wooooo!! *Does the robot*

Well done to you guys who've recently completed race 3 and good luck to those who will be giving it a go. You can do it, just think you can and you will! Worked for me :)


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  • hi well done to you i did this earlier and so pleased with my self. its a great feeling to finish . know what your saying about the last 2 minutes lol. but well worth it ;-) .

  • Well done to you too! I broke into a little dance when I finished, I just couldn't believe it! Still can't! And those last 2 minutes seemed longer than the 18! LOL :D Keep it up zee!!

  • just hope i can walk in the morning !!. you going on to wk 6 now? as she said could repeat wk 5 if wanted to. ;-)

  • LOL :D I know! I'm normally achey, so with the effort my legs put in today, I'm bracing myself for what lies ahead!

    Yep, onto week 6, we're unstoppable now... ;)

  • Congratulations! Was wondering how you were getting on, so brilliant news! Good luck with week 6!

  • Thank you!!! :D How are you getting on with the program? On week 6 now aren't you? :)

  • Yes, did run 3 yesterday, did struggle through it a bit :( but did it! Hopefully it will get easier (?!) as I do more 25 minute runs in week 7! Anyway, all good at the mo :)

  • Wow! Well done you! As they say, nothing worth doing is ever easy so keep it up! :) I think it will get easier as our legs get stronger but I think running will always be a challenge full stop lol :D

  • Huge congratulations and glad your are feeling better! Do you run "in public"?! I always feel like doing a little dance after completing each run but have had to rein that feeling in and end up with a little air punch instead for fear of making a complete fool of myself! However, I am only 1 run away from W5 R3 and when I complete it (was going to put "IF I complete it" however, I am trying to remain positive about it and take confidence from those who have recently done it!!), so I may have a celebratory dance heehee! Good luck for week 6, I'll be following on your heels, but 2 runs behind ;-) .

  • Thank you :) I do run in public but when my 20 minutes were up I was in a secluded part of the park so I got down with my bad self big time! LOL :D Tbh, even if I was on a busy road I would've done a dance because it's a huge achievement! So, with that said, I expect to see you blog about your dance moves when (not IF) you complete it :D

    Good luck!! ;)

  • Congratulations, such a great feeling to complete this. Well done and keep going

  • Thanks Zagel :) It really does leave you with a great feeling :) I still can't stop smiling! How are you getting on? :)

  • Week 6 run 3 tomorrow night, just amzed i have got this far, started in April and got out of breath going up stairs heh.

    Such a great feeling when you complete a run :)

  • Good luck, Zagel! You are doing so well :)

  • Hehe, tell me about it! Those days are long gone now though eh ;) Good luck for Friday and keep us posted :)

  • Well done you!! I did mine yesterday too - how fab do you feel, I am still smiling! I gave myself a little clap and a cheer as well and then got a bit teary! Good luck with week 6...!!

  • Well done to you too matey!! :D I'm all smiles still too, it's an amazing achievement when you think back to week 1! I must say I got a little teary too as although I like to be positive it seemed impossible and once I'd done it I just couldn't believe it..still can't :)

    Good luck with week 6 too, keep us posted :)

  • Yay...well done Rosey...you are in the 20 minutes club...how on earth do we do it?! haha :) I loved it when I completed it, so proud. Annoyingly I seem to have an ankle sprain so goodness knows when I can start week 6...must be a little how you felt when you couldn't get out because of your cold :(

  • Hey fastdixie - Thank you & well done to you too :) I still can't believe it, I remember starting week 5, seeing the last race and thinking 'yeah right', but here we are :) Amazing :D

    I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle :( and you're right, it's not nice when you want to get up and out but something is holding you back...

    Take this time to relax and pamper yourself - I bought some running mags when I was ill to get more clued up and also to find where to buy some georgeous running kit!! It may actually be good for your body to have a little longer to recover, seems to have worked for me :)

    Keep us posted & well done on your success so far!! :)

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