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Week 5 Run 3 - good luck!

Yay! Did it last night on the treadmill - clock-watched the whole way as my music died, but it did get easier after 10 minutes, perhaps because I was on countdown. Starting to worry a little about the 25 minutes now!

Anyway just to say good luck to everyone doing Week 5 Run 3 this week, if I can do it, then you will definitely be able to.

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:) I have this run to do tomorrow night, I have started to leave my watch behind and only listen to the instructions from Laura. It seems foreever at the moment to run for eight minutes, 20 will seem like a lifetime heh.

Congratulations and well done.


Good luck, Zagel, you will be fine, good idea to leave your watch behind, it will stop the dreaded clock-watching ... honestly it doesn't seem that long, the first eight minutes are the hardest and you have already done that!


Well done you! :)

Like Zagel, I'll be tackling this run tomorrow and I'm just going to go for it. 20 minutes may seem long (because it is lol) but I'm just going to take it steady and enjoy being out and about :)

And don't worry about the 25 minutes; if you can do 20, you can do this. Remember the earlier weeks when things seemed impossible but they really weren't?? :)

Just pace yourself and enjoy it I say :D


Thanks, Rosey!

20 minutes is long, but it is all downhill once you have started! You have a really positive attitude so I am sure you will do it and enjoy it.

Being a natural pessimist, I am still inclined to believe that 25 is way more than 20, but I know you are right!

Good luck!


Thanks!!! :) That's a great way to look at it; all being downhill once you've started :D

Hehe :) I try to stay positive but it doesn't make the program any less daunting :)

Good luck with week 6, keep us posted! :)


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