Couch to 5K

Week 5 R 2 completed

Oh my word, I didn't want to post a couple of days ago, as I ran run 1 and found it rather easy, and I didn't want to

a) sound smug

b) jinx it.

And to be honest if you have done weeks 1 to 4 then there is no run which you haven't already done. So you know you can do it because you have done it before. Does that make sense.

Well today was run 2 and I took my level 2 run. So in my first 8 minutes i had a climb, and in the second run I had to run the other way so did the climb again in the opposite direction.

Well I thought I could do it when I closed the door this morning, I thought I could do it after my first run, and guess what I did do it. So wahey.

Next challange is run 3 - 20 minutes non stop running\jogging\crawling :)

Looking forward to it, and at the end of today I felt as if I could do another 8 minutes which has to be a good sign. Only catch is tomorrow, is my biggest and hardest route, and mentally daunting. But I am not going to be defeated !

Any how good luck to all those starting this week, and congratulations to all of those who are marching on.

Big love to you all x

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Well done! I just got back from run 2 and I am scared about that 20mins.....mind over matter as Laura keeps saying. :)


Well done mate! Sounds like you're progressing really well. I'm planning to do W5/R3 (the big scary 20mins) this Saturday so you'll have to let us know how you get on, and hopefully reassure me as I'm a tad nervous haha.


Good luck everyone on w5r3 as someone who has done it (although did take 2 goes) it is a great feeling and i think that we all build it up into the 'scary' run but a Laura would say....if you've done all the other runs you are ready for it.

Let us know how you get on


Good luck everyone, I definitely found my imagination got carried away with this one. It wasn't easy but it wasn't as bad as I had convinced myself it would be.


glad to see a few of us in the same boat! lol

wk5 r 2 completed this am felt i didn't need the full 5 min recovery walk in between and could have ran further on 1st 8 min stint.

i now need to plan a diff route for run 3 as its obviously going to more distance.

i think i have a route but has long upward gradient but thankfully this is at the start of the run,

hope to do this thursday am @ 06:30

will report back

mind over matter.................


I've deliberately decided to run my hardest route on run 3. I am training for an endurancve race on the 17th March which needs me to dig deep. So that's what I have done, If I can do this run, then I can run anything - maybe ;)


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