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Week 5 run 3 - yippee!!!

Yes I did it!!! And it felt good!! Although for the couple of days beforehand I was confident that I could do it, when it came to it I was very apprehensive about it and I started it half an hour later than normal as I was nervous and faffed around longer than usual.

I got to the first 5 minutes and felt ok, not tired and although I wasn't watching the time, I was mentally thinking that there seem to be 2 songs between each 5 minute section, when Laura tells you how long you've done so far and that helped me better than watching the clock. To be honest I was quite surprised with how quickly it went.

It feels amazing to think that not long ago I was running for just 1 minute and now I've just done a 20 minute stretch!!

My mantra is, in Laura's words "it's just a light jog" and I've stuck to the programme religiously so that has definitely helped, I was confident that the C25K people know what they're doing and trusted in that and that all my previous 'training' would get me through. And it did :)

Onto week 6 now!!

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well done only a week behind you i was the same this morning faffed around humming and ahhing about how cold it was going to be outside , 5 mins into the cold its too blooming hot lol need to lose a little bit more weight before i bare bit more of my body in the summer months out on the runs lol


congratulations.. that 1st 20min run is so daunting isnt it, and the little voice in your head is telling you "20 mins run, are you mad??!!"

but wow, once you've done it you feel ready to take on the world.. Keep it up, and well done again :)


Great run, well done, I did the same run this morning and was so excited that i completed it, I thought the same as you - 5 weeks ago I could only run for 60 seconds,wow.. you've come a long way, enjoy the feeling of success you deserve it after working so hard. Good luck with your next 'light jog', look forward to hearing how you get on


Well done, it's amazing how we all progress and this run is the point when you feel you can manage the rest, over halfway through a challenge that felt so difficult at the start. Enjoy wk6.


hey you :) well done!! Me too :) can't quite believe going to be starting week 6!


Yay to us!! :)


Thanks everyone, still got a smile on my face hours after :)


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