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week 5 run 3 ~ the BIG one :)

my girls came home from school & got ready for their run tonight. little did they know it was gonna be 20mins :) they had assumed it was 2x10 mins & I just agreed with them (well it is sort of). both said "there is no way I can do that" which is why I didnt tell them til 15mins before we left the house:)

I did c25k last year on the treadmill & had iffy belly with worry about the big 20min run & Im sure 12 year old would have got herself in a state.

drove to a long stretch of clifftop & off we went. 13 year old decided she would listen to one direction & me & 12 year old started the walkmans. off we went. slowly but steady. 12 year old found her pace, which was a lot faster than mine or 13 year old's pace. so we watched her run off into the distance. music was much better than I remembered first time round :) 5min mark came very quickly. 10min came & went & 15min was very well received by us all. last 2 mins felt like ages ~ both my girls said that.

we all have big smiles :) this is a first for my girls & a first for me as I run on the treadmill.

woohoo. just hope my girls dont find week6, run1 as difficult as I did last year.

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Fabulous achievement - wonderful that you did it altogether :-)


Wow what an achievement. Well done to all 3 of you!


Well Done! Ha ha I made that mistake, I was all very blase, got to do my run blah blah, got ready, put my earphones on stepped out the door only to hear Laura say "today we are going to run for 20mins!" I thought "what!" I must be on the wrong week! This app is faulty!! Lol. I did it anyway, nearly killed me but I did it. Now on week 7 run 1, 25mins staight running, but you know what, its a breeze. Well done, keep it upx


Is that a hattrick? Well done all. :)


nice one congrats to all three of you


Great Shelly, so good to hear the 3 of you doing it together :)


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