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Complete week 1 Yipee!!

Complete the 3rd run of week 1 this morning, feel amazing, legs tired and was thinking WHY am I doing this!!!! But now showered and so pleased to have done the first week. I just didn't think I would be able to do this but here I am at the end of the first week. One thing you guys may help is with nutrition. I want to lose around 8 lbs but don't want to exercise and then stuff my face with rubbish because I'm hungry, what can you recommend as a before and after exercise snack? Thanks x

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Bananas and water ! You will find you change shape with running but build muscle so 8 pounds can be hard to lose but your clothes will fall off!


Super duper news sewingbee. Well done for completing Week 1. Slow and steady remember....slow and steady.

Food wise, everyone is different. My routine is a morning one - a couple of spoons of oats and milk microwaved for a couple of minutes, then add a squirt of honey. I wait for about ten mins after eating then off I go. I usually have a fresh fruit smoothie that I make myself after my shower - blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, pot of 0% vanilla yoghurt and a handful of almonds all mixed together with cranberry juice - then WHIZZZZZZ in the liquidiser thingy we have and drink. It's purrrrrrrre heaven and I have this EVERY MORNING of my life! I find this smoothie keeps me going for at least two to three hours before marauding the place for more food!

I am sure others will have their own routines, but the main thing is to NOT eat fatty things.

Good luck


Congrats on completing your first week!!!!!!!! I echo canidoit - you may actually struggle to see the weight come off on the scales with running, but you'll drop a dress size or more! I noticed a change in my legs within three weeks and had dropped a dress size within 6 weeks.


Well done you!! Very pleased for you (I finished my 3rd run this morning as well). I would echo the others re. weight - go by the fit of your clothes and how you look rather than the scales - muscle weighs heavier than fat and you don't want to get discouraged by the numbers when you are actually making a huge difference to your health, well-being and appearance. Well done again!!


Well done!!! I would also say porridge is great for keeping you fuller for longer. I add a bit of honey and a few raisins. Bananas are great of course too. I also sometimes snack on weight watchers biscuits but they're probably not so great... I'm finding that I'm not eating as much as before because I think 'why undo all my hard work'? I've also stopped taking sugar in my tea/coffee, which I think is making a big difference. I've lost 2 pounds in 3 weeks, but for me that's just a nice extra as I'm really in it to get (and hopefully stay) fit.


I'd second bananas and porridge. Also the odd sneaky jelly baby for a quick sugar boost...

Well done on getting through the first week.


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