Couch to 5K

week 6 Run 1

yesterday I did the first run of week 6. When I was doing the warming up time I felt very optimistic thinking that this one was going to be easy after the dreaded 20 minutes one but I was so wrong. I started feeling very heavy legs and out of breath in the first 5 minutes run.I finished it and started the 8 minutes run but I had to stop after 6 minutes because I could not breath. I just walked for 30 seconds and started running again and I managed to finish the last 5 minutes but I was really disappointment with myself. I also felt an urge to go to the toilet in the middle of the run which did not help at all.

Anyway I will have my second run tomorrow. will run after eating at least a banana (I was quite hungry before starting the run)and spending some time in the toilet just in case.

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I don't think you did too badly, we all have runs that don't go so well. I think you might try and slow down and concentrate on relaxing. Sometimes I pretend I am dancing not running and just listen to the music. I'm sure you will be ok on the next run if you take it easy.


I hated that run I tried not to let other comments affect me and thoght how can a shorted run be a breeze but it was just too bitty never got into my stride. Run 2 was so much better.

I always try and eat a banana before hand and nip to the loo a few times just in case. All part of the ritual now.


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