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Week 6 run 1 in the bag!😄


I was a little apprehensive about this run as I’ve seen mixed reviews on it and have heard that it can really catch you out! Overall it went really well and I had so much energy left at the end of the last 5 minute run, that for some reason I decided to keep going for an extra couple of minutes🙈😂 I have absolutely no idea where it came from but hey ho😂

I’ve also been tracking my runs on strava and have noticed my pace is really improving- not that I’m focusing on that at the moment, but it’s nice to see the improvements😄

I’m hoping run 2 goes just as well, but I think that 3 minute walk in between may catch me out! I’m okay once I get going but as soon as I stop I can find it hard to pick up the pace again!

How has everyone else found run 2 of week 6?

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Hi, WK6 runs are slowly introducing you for longer stints, although speed and stats is not the focus really, it's to get your mind body in to a rhythm, just pace yourself, in the walking stage try to train the mind to deep breathing exercises they are vital.

The restart in all the sessions is really to get your system used to changes and thus makes your ready got the next stint.

The app advice is a brilliant read loads more tips, but the key is slowly slowly and you will crack it.good luck 🙂😷🌈

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Knightrider_28

Great advice, thank you! I honestly don’t think I could run any slower🤣 but it works for me and since slowing my pace down my endurance has improved so much!! I will have a look at the app advice😃

Knightrider_28Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Hi. You will be fine, just keep those feet moving, and remember if you're not feeling it one you can always redo a day or two, no restrictions on that.

The way I look at it is OK, we all have our unique individual DNA so we all have different experience while doing this process,

Try mixing up the PT,as each coach have some valuable tips, which helps tons, well for me anyway lol,

Stick at it you can do this....😉🤞


Great job... tricky intervals they can be... best to be a little apprehensive about them than over confident I think. The next run isn’t quite as tricky... control the pace in interval one and you’re sorted.

EllalouxGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you for the response!😁


Great stuff! And you’re sounding so positive! 👏being aware of other people’s posts for w6, I was extra careful to go slow slow slow when needed. 😁

EllalouxGraduate in reply to HennieR62

Thank you!!😃Yes it’s definitely helped reading other posts before hand, stopped me getting too ahead of myself after the 20 minute run! I possibly went a little too slow, hence the extra burst of energy at the end🤣

HennieR62Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

😊 from my limited experience, seems you’re doing the right thing! I’m not sure there is a “too slow”, I think it’s going at the right pace for now!

Well done ... I too was anxious about W6, but the comments and advice from the community helped.

For me W6 R1 and R2 was more mental than physical ... once set in my mind that the aim of those two runs was to build up stamina for W6R3, I was fine and actually found a nice pace that I used today in R3.

Be confident and just think this is to build you for 25 mins a few days later and you’ll be fine ... just think back to W1R1 and where you are now !


Just finished w7r1 ... I thought w6r1&2 were two of the hardest of the app so far ... was really apprehensive about r3, but it was so much easier than the previous two! I struggled with the stop/start thing ... keeping on plodding was easier somehow.

You really can do this ... honestly, if I can ... you can!

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Chokka

Thank you😊 I felt great about run 1, but a little nervous about run 2! I’m not great at getting started again when the walks in between are short, I’ll just have to try and not focus on that though and just take it as easy as I can during the first 10 min run😊


Hi Ella

Well done!... The app has prepared you so you got the rest of week 6

I personally found going back to the intervals after the W5r3 a bit tough ... do-able but tough and I'm sure you will get through

Keep us posted! :-)

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Tinytears60

It’s the second run for some reason that’s making me a bit nervous! If I can really control my pace during the first 10 minute run I think I’ll be fine, just need to make sure I don’t get too carried away😊 I thought the walk in between was 5 minutes and when I realised it was only 3 I’ve been dreading it🤣

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to Ellaloux

Honestly!.. don't worry!

If you coped with the first then you will definitely cope with the 2nd!....

Read my week 6 posts.. I found W6 really tough!.. run 2 is your last run with the intervals in... its them that catch you out!...

Can't wait to read your celebratory post!.. You got this!.... :-)

EllalouxGraduate in reply to Tinytears60

You know I completely forgot this is the last lot of interval running!😮

I will have a read now, thank you!😊

Tinytears60Graduate in reply to Ellaloux


The interval runs are necessary but are not our friends

You will read mine and be so much more confident about doing yours!

If I can do it then its in the bag for your lovely self!


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