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Week 5 Run 3 in the bag!

Am feeling rather smug as I have just run for 20 minutes ! The last time I ran for this long I was at school - in the early 1970's…….

Thanks so much to everyone who posted their experiences with this particular milestone on the programme - you made me believe it really was possible, and that's half the battle.

To anyone who is just starting out, or worrying about the steps up in weeks 4 and 5, my advice is to stick with it - it IS possible !!

I managed to run 2.87k in 20 mins, with the first 2 k at a steady pace of 7.12mins per k.

The only downside is that my blood sugar is still up at 8.7. But better that than having a hypo half way when one's half a mile from home!

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Very well done to you - that was a real milestone for me and I couldn't believe it was possible beforehand. This forum is so good at giving you moral support and making you realise that these things are possible! Feel smug as much as you like, you deserve it :)

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Great stuff. W5r3 is the very best run in the whole programme because you feel so totally awesome afterwards. Well done


You deserve to feel smug as this is a very important run! Running continuously for 20 minutes is not easy so well done. If you can run for 20 you can run for 30. Just keep it slow and steady the last few weeks.


Oh well done ! Good luck with the rest of the runs !!


You should feel smug, I remember when I did that one, I felt pretty smug too! Your pace is pretty impressive too xx


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