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W9R3 I’ve graduated yay 🏁🎓🏆


I’ve only gone and graduated C25K it’s been hard but worth the effort and now I’m going to celebrate with a cold beer lol 😂. I’ve had a great time on the forum and lots of lovely people on here and I’m still going to be here for other people who need guidance like they did for me. And I’m so proud of myself of what I’ve accomplished I never thought I had it in me my first week I ran 60sec and I couldn’t wait for that to end now I can run 30mins and now that’s what I’m going to work on to improve my distance endurance and stamina. And my new trainers were a godsend I saved them for my graduation run brooks ghost 11 I will always now get a gait analysis when buying new trainers for running. I am smiling ear to ear and when I was running I knew I had it in the bag even going on a route that had more uphill than downhill I still pushed through and what a feeling when it finished. I’ve also lost weight I was over 14stone now 12.12stone but I am on Atkins diet I also go to the gym and I do spin and my running and I’m much happier for doing all these changes in my life. đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸ™đŸ†đŸđŸŽ“đŸ˜€đŸ˜‰đŸ˜€

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Wow well done!!! you definitely deserve that beer!!!! :)

Kevtrev in reply to Loz_

Thank you Loz it was a hard run but I did it yay 😀


Congratulations on completing C25K with week 9 run 3 and graduating. I did congratulate you on the other post Kev and tell you how to get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE next to your username, I don't mind repeating that for you my friend.

To get your graduation badge and the word GRADUATE 🎓 next to your username leave a message on the June graduate post in the pinned posts on the right side of the healthunlocked C25K home page and tell the administrators that you have ran W9R3 of C25K and graduated from.

Another huge congratulations to you, nice photo of you, you look so happy. 😊 🏃 🎓

Kevtrev in reply to AlMorr

Thank you Alan my friend 😉 and yes I will be going to ask for my graduation badge yes I am really happy glad you like the photo that’s a exhausted me lol đŸ˜‚đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŽ“đŸ™đŸ†đŸđŸŒŸ

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

Do stay on here Kev, you can congratulate other people when they graduate, advise them about any problems they may have, if medical, advise them to see a doctor and tell them when they graduate how to get their graduation badge.

First of all celebrate your graduation, have a few days off running and then run on alternative days around 6/30 minute consolidation runs before you think of what you want to do next.

I went on to the Stepping stones podcasts with Laura or you can try out any of the Bridge 210K podcasts.

Kevtrev in reply to AlMorr

Yes I definitely will stay on here and I’m going to plan my running but I am going to do a parkrun which I think I will be able to do thanks for the helpful info đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŽ“đŸ˜€đŸđŸ™đŸŒŸđŸ˜ŠđŸ†


Very many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

You really have taken control of your fitness and I am sure you will reap the health benefits in years to come.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Thank you for that fellow runner I will have a look at that guide thanks for sharing it đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸ†đŸŽ“đŸŒŸđŸ™


Brilliant! Enjoy that beer! I think I'll have one for you...any excuse hahaha!

Kevtrev in reply to happysouls

Haha thank you 😊


What a story Kev, you should be proud of yourself too. Great photo, nice to put a face to a name. Enjoy that well deserved cold beer graduate! 🎓 đŸ» 🏆

Kevtrev in reply to Lynsh

Thank you Lynsh for that I am proud of myself I just can’t believe I’ve done this wow glad you like the photo that’s after lol đŸ˜‚đŸ„”đŸŽ“đŸđŸ†đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸ˜‰đŸŒŸ xx


So proud kevtrev my graduation buddy đŸƒđŸ»â€â™€ïžđŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïž

Kevtrev in reply to bexcrowe

Thank you so much bexcrowe I’m so happy that I started C25K it’s changed my life thanks my graduation buddy xx


Go Kev, those trainers were worth it eh ?

You look very happy indeed : )

Kevtrev in reply to backintime

Thank you yes they were like running on air 😉 I’m super chuffed đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸŽ“đŸ†đŸŒŸđŸ˜€


Yay you did it. Well done Kevtrev!! You’re a graduate 🎓. Congratulations to you đŸ˜Šâ­ïžđŸŽ‰đŸŽˆ

Kevtrev in reply to JaniceG68

Thank you Janice yes I did something that I didn’t think I could do I’ve proved myself wrong and I’m a graduate yay yay đŸ˜€đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŽ“đŸđŸ™đŸŒŸđŸ†


I am so pleased for you, huge congratulations! I knew you could do it. Keep going, stay in touch and be happy, you smile says it all xx

Kevtrev in reply to Evol

Thank you very much Evol im going to keep at it. I definitely will keep in touch with you I’m going no we’re I’m staying right here it’s going to be you soon if I’ve done it you will smash it đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸ˜€đŸ†đŸŒŸđŸ™đŸŽ“đŸ˜ŠXX


Awesome! Congratulations Kev. 🎆đŸŽșâœšđŸŸđŸŽ‰

Kevtrev in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much đŸ˜‰đŸŽ“đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïž


Yay! Congratulations kevtrev enjoy your beer đŸ‘đŸ»đŸŽ‰

Kevtrev in reply to RI78

Thank you yay đŸ˜€đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸŽ“


Hey you... there you are, Graduate!!! Wonderful... well done you!

Lots of choices now.. first though, celebrate, then consolidation:)

Kevtrev in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much oldfloss yes celebrate then I’m going to carry on my running and I’m doing a parkrun on Saturday and then train for a 10k đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸ†đŸŽ“đŸ˜€

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Kevtrev

Go get that badge and after consolidation... then head across to Bridge to 10K.. it is as friendly as here, and you'll know loads of folk there:)


Fantastic, Kevtrev, woohoo and congratulations 🎊 🎉 🏃 🎓 đŸ»!!! Enjoy your beer and many happy runs in your lovely new running shoes. Keep running, keep posting!

Kevtrev in reply to Debston

Thank you so much Debston I’m totally over the moon with my graduation I’m going to have a beer or 2 and I’m going to keep running in my new running shoes super comfy thanks yes I’m running on Wednesday but a different route as I’m changing it for different views and I’m running a parkrun on Saturday I’m looking forward to that đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŽ“đŸ˜€đŸđŸ™đŸŒŸđŸ˜ŠđŸ†XX

DebstonGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

Sounds like a plan! You're going to love Parkrun, everyone is so supportive, just like this forum. â˜ș

Kevtrev in reply to Debston

Thanks Debston I’m looking forward to it already haha I’m so glad I started C25K there is so many things you can accomplish đŸ˜‰đŸđŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸ†đŸ˜€đŸŒŸđŸ˜ŠđŸŽ“đŸ™XX


Congratulations on completing c25k you must be so pleased well done 😊😊👏👏

Kevtrev in reply to Buddy34

Thank you buddy I’m so pleased with what I’ve accomplished đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸŽ“đŸ˜€đŸđŸ™đŸŒŸđŸ˜ŠđŸ†


Well done Kev!! We’ll be with you for the next part of your journey đŸ™ŒđŸ» xx

Kevtrev in reply to Rachelcanrun

Thank you very much Hedgehog that means a lot you’re a star 🌟 XX


Well done Kevtrev, a fantastic achievement! Enjoy that celebration!đŸ‘đŸ„łđŸș

Kevtrev in reply to Oldgirlruns

Thank you yes I’m so happy I’ve done C25K and it’s made a better me I am going to enjoy the celebrations but I’m at gym tomorrow so not to many đŸ˜‰đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸ†đŸ˜ŠđŸ˜€đŸŒŸđŸ™đŸŽ“đŸ˜‚


Fantastic story! đŸ’Ș👍😁 very well done!

Kevtrev in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you 🙏😊😀🎓🌟🏁🏆x


Congratulations! Are you going to go on the the bridge to 10k forum?

PS you don’t need a gait every time - you now know which shoes suit your feet so now you can get them online probably cheaper

Kevtrev in reply to Tasha99

Thank you Tasha yes I’m already on bridge to 10k forum that’s good to know I thought you’re foot landings might of changed from time to time but thanks for that then I can just order them online and not do the gait analysis every time I need a pair đŸ˜‰đŸđŸ†đŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸ˜€đŸŒŸđŸ™đŸŽ“đŸ˜Š XX

Tasha99Graduate in reply to Kevtrev

Probably good to get it done every couple of years I guess. Well done again đŸ‘ŒđŸœ

Yes sounds like a plan thank you again x


Fantastic - well done! That's a great list of achievements for a few short weeks. :)

You should be so proud of yourself.

This programme is quite simply life-changing, especially when combined with a change in diet and a bit of strength training.

What's next for you now?

Kevtrev in reply to Pianism

Thank you I am proud of myself 😉 so next is a parkrun and I’ve signed myself up for race for life 5k 😉

PianismGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

Fantastic. Having a goal is the key! :)

Kevtrev in reply to Pianism

That’s what is going to keep me going training for events like race for life 5k and parkrun and one day a 10k but not quite yet đŸ˜‰đŸđŸŒŸđŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸ˜€đŸ˜ŠđŸ™đŸ†đŸŽ“

PianismGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

You'll be amazed how quick you'll want to do 10k. I said no increase until 10 weeks after graduation but that soon went out of the window!

Kevtrev in reply to Pianism

It did I’m so glad I’ve gone and done C25K I never thought I would be a runner I hated running when I was at school all them years ago now I choose to do it because I love it strange how life plans out 😉


Wow well done Kevtrev! Graduate! You have done amazingly well and should be so proud of yourself đŸŒŸđŸƒâ€â™‚ïžđŸ˜Š.

Kevtrev in reply to Delly-dot

Thank you very much Delly-dot it was the best thing I’ve ever joined up to do and now there are lots of things I can accomplished like on Saturday a parkrun and on the 14th July I’m doing race for life yay xx

Delly-dotGraduate in reply to Kevtrev

Good for you! Enjoy it all 😊

Kevtrev in reply to Delly-dot

Thank you Delly-dot at least now I’ve got something to train for which will keep me motivated đŸ˜ŠđŸƒđŸ»â€â™‚ïžđŸđŸ†XX

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