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Today is the day! W9r3

Well today is D-day, W9r3!

I am so happy and so excited, like a child waking up on Christmas morning. These have been some of the best weeks of my life.

Like so many people on here, I have never done any exceeding and at school I avoided it like the plague but C25k has made me a runner, crikey just look how excited I am, by running! So wanted to say 3 things, 1, thank you to all those on here who have given me advice, I look forward to more help in the future. 2. Thanks to all the people at c25k and 3. If you're reading this and thinking about c25k, or have just started, just do it, you can do it!

5 x50 starts for me tomorrow!

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Good luck Gareth! I can understand your excitement. Are you still running in the rain?! Go for it and enjoy .I'm not far behind you. Let us all know how you get on with your future plans x


Thank you and you keep it up too. Will let all know how I get on. And yes still running in the rain, I love it




Thank you


Great news, congratulations! Loving the energy you convey! Enjoy your run and post your achievements later.


Thank you, you gotta love running!


Well, have you done it yet. Where'd he go?????? C,mon, c,mon. We're waiting for news!



Lol !!


Ok people, it's done and it was a beauty.

Felt that as it was my last c25k I would go up to Harrogate and run the stray, valley gardens and pine woods, such a lovely area.

I had conveniently forgotten about the hills but hey ho. Lots of dogs and mum with prams in trainers ( the mums in trainers not the prams!) and a cool but bright day.

The hills were hard but even an earthquake wouldn't have stopped me today. Was hard at 15 mins as I had run up 3 hills but the thought of finishing c25k kept me going! Also the thought that I would have to post on here that I didn't do really helped me to keep going.

All in all, it was a wonderful run and quite, well ok, very emotional! Shouting GET IN! And punching the air attracts attention I find, but who cares, I CAN run 30 minutes stopped, with rain, with hills, anything

I can't wait to start 5 x 50 tomorrow and am the happiest person in! Oh and, GET IN!


Well done Gareth! Your badge looks great. It really suits you!

Now then. Take your rest day and calm down. You are at the point now where you have to be really careful. You are now all fired up to conquer the world with those feet of fire you've got. Go very carefully and be sure to build up very gradually, building up distances with small increments. Make sure you have your rest days in between runs and do the warm up and cool down walks. There are several members of this forum who will put their hands up to doing too much too soon and getting injured as a result. We know who we are. Eek!

Don't let that happen to you!

So, are you going to treat yourself to a new item of running gear as a reward to yourself?

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Thank you, and thanks the advice! I have read a lot about people pushing themselves too far , too soon, that won't be me. I am starting my own 5 x 50 so running one day, cycling the next which suits me fine.

I did find on w9r3 that I, and I will use this word loosely, enjoyed running up the hills and got a great sense of achievement. I think I will keep the same distance and same pace but perhaps try slightly more challenging terrain.


Oh and yes I have bought to running shirts with C25k graduate on them!


Good for you! I run on trails and the road but I much prefer offroad when I can get on them. With this horrible flooding it's not been fit but once the waters susbisde I'll be back out there. Much more interesting scenery than the local town where the pavements are full of people to dodge in between


Yeah I agree, out in the sticks is lovely


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