Knee pain getting me down

I've been running since September and like others have become addicted. It feels do good. However over the last couple of months my knees are gradually getting more painful. I'm only running 4 miles twice a week, so nothing too gruelling. The psin starts about 15 mins in, just when I'm finding my mojo! The knees also hurt now when not running. I've had gait analysis and wear good shoes. I'm generally in good shape so this is really frustrating. Do I have to stop running? My non running friends keep going on about permanent knee problems. Anybody else had this and found the knee pain just goes???? Thanks everyone.


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  • Knee pain rarely "just goes". Sounds like a visit to a sports physiotherapist or the doctor might be in order. You may need to look at doing some specific knee strengthening work.

  • Knee pain rarely "just goes". Sounds like a visit to a sports physiotherapist or the doctor might be in order. You may need to look at doing some specific knee strengthening work.

  • I had really bad knee pain when I started and had to stop running for a few weeks. I think it was my knees just getting used to running as I've had no problems since. However, you've been running for quite a while now so your knees should have got used to it.

    I would get them checked out by your doctor or preferably, a sports Physio as it might have something to do with another part of your body like your hips!

    Are you stretching after every run as this makes a big difference? Have you tried foam rollering as this really irons out any tight muscles. Also, icing after every run. Might be worth a shot and rest up for a while too to give them a chance to recover.

    Good luck.

  • You have clearly already tried to "run through the pain" without any luck, so I agree with IP and ASP. A visit to someone who can look, listen and feel as well as having an education in the feel is probably a good idea.

  • Non-Runners are always forecasting knee problems for runners. I caught up with a fiend recently after a few years not seeing each other, and he was telling me how bad running was for me and how unhealthy it was for my knees. While he chainsmoked Marlboro Reds with an ashtray balanced on his belly.

    That is not to say knee pain is to be ignored. I have recurrent issues with a kneecap I split 20-something years ago, which has had me on the injury couch several times in the last few months.

    First thing is what sort of knee pain is it? Runners knee or something more acute? If the former, the goodnews is it will go away and can be vercome. Do you do any leg strengthening exercise outside of running? Do you stretch properly? Have you tried foam rolling? A surprising number of people do none of the above. A lot of knee problems can be resolved by strengthening the quads, which are the muscles which support the knee. Squats, lunges and more squats and lunges. And roll out that Illiotibial band.

    I always reccomend anyone who does any sort of exercise regularly to invest in a god book on basic sports medicine - I find t invaluable to know when a niggling pain is something to worry about and when it is something that will pass and when it is something that can be remdied by simple change of habit etc. This is the one I usually turn to first:

  • Hey Rignold, I've never heard of runners knee, can you tell us a bit more about it please? I've had a little bit of knee pain these last few runs, thought it might be my shoes...

  • Thank you everyone for your comments. I think a visit to a sports physio may be needed, I was just hoping I could run it off!!

    Rigbold I do some squats dusing the week but what on earth is foam rolling and illiptical bands?!!

  • I had loads of knee problems as I worked through the programme which I ignored. Ended up not running all summer due to injury but got back on my feet thanks to a lovely physio with an interest in running. His advice was that ALL runners should do daily quad strengthening exercises to protect their knees. The only time I've had any twinges since then is when I've neglected to do the exercises for a while. Good luck

  • Some aches and pains are normal as your joints adjust but if it doesn't subside I agree to see a physio. I was having gradually worsening knee problems that turned out to be referred back pain via sciatic nerve.

    Hope you get it sorted :)

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