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Started Week 2 But Have Knee Pain

I am so pleased with myself for getting through week 1, but now I started week 2 and have knee pain. Any advice? I have really taken to this and can't believe I'm getting pain so early, and I really don't want to stop for fear that I won't start again.

I had a really slight twinge in my left knee after my 3rd run of week 1. I could feel the pain when I started running today but it eased as I continued. It feels worse now I've stopped though. I am going to ice my knee a few times today and keep it elevated on the sofa as I work from my laptop.

Any other advice? Thank you!

PS. This is my first post but I spent a long time reading these posts last week and they have inspired me so much!

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Hi Ruth, i am afraid I don't have any suggestions other than good shoes and taking it slow but i am interested to hear if anyone else has any suggestions. I have just completed run 3 of week 2 and at 55 am getting a wee bit of stiffness in my knees. Not pain though. I have been checking your post to see if anyone has responded and seeing as no-one has I wonder is it might be worth reposting under one of the general categories. I hope your knees are a bit easier now.


Hi Lizziebeth, I've just replied to Ruth's 'Knee pain' blog! Sorry to hear your knees are uncomfortable too. Check my response to Ruth and maybe you'll find that you are not alone with this problem. I was 61 when I started the programme and I think after many years of no more exercise than short walks and a busy family life, the running came as a bit of a shock to my system!

I'd really recommend gait analysis if your knees are still a bit stiff after your next couple of runs ... If there is a slight problem (other than ageing joints ;) ) then it makes sense to discover and help at this stage rather than exacerbating the problem further.

Good luck, and keep blogging re your progress - looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Cheers, Linda :)


Hi Ruth, welcome to the forum and well done on getting out there and completing W1!

Your legs may just be complaining about the new new routine you are subjecting them to! Ensuring that you rest between runs is essential - it's the repair and strengthening time for your body - there is no problem with taking an extra day or two to 'heal' if that's what your body needs. (We are all different) ;)

I had a similar experience around W3. My pharmacist told me that the knees were probably bruised - so I took arnica for a few days and they felt heaps better (I know homeopathic remedies aren't everyone's cup of tea, but to each their own, eh?) I also took advice from folk on this forum too and went to a running shop to have my gait analysed! It was the most valuable experience ever ... I was told that I was over-pronating (leaning inwards with one foot as I landed). This could eventually lead to injury of the ankle, knee and ultimately the hip too! I had some customised insoles made for running shoes - quite expensive, but worth every penny ... I've not had any pain since!

Meanwhile, rest your legs properly between runs. Elevate your legs while resting and use cold compresses if swollen. Otherwise warm baths are good if there is no swelling, plus a massage of muscle oil, Deep Heat or similar.

Lots of good wishes with the rest of the programme - I'm sorry I've only just seen your blog ... My PC is not receiving a good signal at the mo, so I rarely check the site :(

Take care, Linda :)


Hi Linda, thanks so much for your reply. I have had my gait analysed and also have mild over pronation. Got shoes that are meant to suit that particular gait and got them fitted. So think the shoes are okay. I am thinking that I wore fit flops the other day and it might have been them! I am a walker though so tend to walk three or four miles every day. Maybe I am not resting my (slightly)ageing joints enough!

Thanks too for the encouragement!


Tee hee, hadn't meant the ageing bit as an insult ;) I'm planning to get and then keep as fit as I can for a retirement which might start one of these days (yeah right!) Yes, my short walks were generally about 3 or 4 miles, then a pal training for a walking marathon asked me to train with her, so I upped the rate to walks of between 8 and 15 miles (I had no desire to do the bigger walks). You could well be right, the difference between walking and running is quite significant, and seems to work different muscle groups and has different impacts too.

Love my FitFlops to bits - do I need more pairs for my hols? ;) I wear them as often as I can once spring has arrived - hate covered in shoes, boots, tights etc associated with winter. Keep up the good work. Linda


I appreciate the replies - and sorry to hear you have knee trouble Lizziebeth.

It's now been a week since I went for that run that caused the proper pain and it's still here :( It has gotten worse and better during this time. Usually I only feel it when I walk, but sometimes it's pretty noticeable even when doing nothing.

I was icing it but I started to notice my knee easing up after a hot shower so now I am using heat. I tried to go for a brisk walk instead of a run but couldn't do that either. It really sucks as the jogging was already making me feel better in myself and now I'm back to nothing.

My plan now is to wait a couple more days and then go to the doctor. I have tried a knee support band - no difference, possibly even felt worse.

About going to a running shop - I honestly have no idea if there are any round here. All I have is Sports Direct where I got my original shoes. They are Karrimor and after googling that brand I found some mixed response! Is it expensive to go to a sports shop and have them analyse your gait? Are you obligated to buy expensive shoes from them?

Thanks for your help! I am desperate to do some exercise, I am thinking swimming is probably going to be safest but I don't even know if I should still do that until my knee is 100%


Have sent you a message about 'gait analysis '. Hope it informs and helps.

Probably a good idea to get reassurance from a doc that there's nothing seriously wrong. Meanwhile a gentle swim will keep you fit and the great thing about being in water is that it removes weight and strain from your joints, so taking it gently will likely help you lots and it'll certainly keep you cheerful, while you can't manage a run. Take care, Linda :)


Thanks so much! I finally feel my knee is improving so a swim tomorrow will be a good test.


It's been nearly 2 weeks and finally the pain is almost gone - I'll see how it is on Monday and try to start again but I might even just start with a brisk walk this time. I am afraid it'll just come back again. I went to aqua aerobics/ swimming today and although I could feel a twinge it didn't make it worse so I'll carry on resting all weekend.


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