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Knee pain... should I continue?


Has anyone else noticed getting knee pain that you’ve never had before ... have done run 1 of week 3 today but is gradually getting worse. I am amazed to be honest that I could ever get this far weighing in at 16stone and really want to continue not being blighted by injury! I do take it easy and jog quite lightly but wondered... should I continue? No pain no gain ? Thanks 😀

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I bought a pair of running shoes which have improved my knee pain significantly! I also try to run on grass as much as I can which helps too


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Thanks Becca, I have invested in some running shoes and use the treadmill at the moment, it’s not total agony at the moment and this is my first time running so may just be my body getting used to it .... I hope 🤞

Hi, I was experiencing knee pain so I switched to running on a treadmill and also got checked out by my GP who said I was fine to continue. I have also just had a gait analysis and treated to a new pair of trainers. I still get some discomfort around my knee but at least I have made it to Week 5 without injury. It might be worth seeing your doctor as they can ensure you are ok to continue and don’t forget the great advice on here about dealing with knee pain. You’ve made a great start so I hope you’ll be ok to carry on, let us know how things go and good luck.


No, you should never try and run through any pain, it's possibly just getting used to the new activity, restup and hopefully it will fade away, my wife had the pain at about the same time in the programme, with rest she was fine..


Yes I had one knee then other early on in plan. Went against advice and ran through with pain killers but it was fine and subsided after a week or so. Probs not the best advice though 😂 Also iced them and used a knee sleeve.

Aches are ok, pains not so. Take a couple of rest days maybe? My knees were sore when I first started but are fine now. Mind you I also now have bumby knee muscles, that were never there before I started running :)

Hi everyone

Thanks so much for your responses. Have just finished run 2 of week 4 which is a big step up. I have noticed that it is more of a dull ache after the run which with a bit of elevation and rest feels better before the next run is due. So I am pushing through it and haven’t needed painkillers as yet... the strange thing is that it doesn’t hurt when I am walking or running on the treadmill so I was wondering if it is just the fact that I am using muscles that have never been used before 😜. I did get my gait tested and trainers recommended before starting out so that I was reasonably prepared but maybe I will just go and see the Gp for some reassurance. Thanks all for your very helpful advice. Will let you know when I achieve final victory 🏆.

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