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Week 5 run 3... never happened!

Oh dear! Sneaked out of the house 5am this morning, all stoked for my week 5 run 3. I was going to prove to myself I CAN do 20 minutes and all that jazz...

Only my week 5 podcasts dissapeared from my ipod. :-( I got absolutely no idea what happened, it is the second time my podcasts just sneaked off somewhere else. Has it happened to anyone else??

So all sleepyheaded I did what I thought was the next best thing - and put on week 6 run 3 instead! :-) And run for 25 minutes non stop! I am slightly stoked about that!! I managed 4.97km this morning. So, so close to goal.

I am guessing I might pay for it later today! :-))

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Just goes to show how much of a mental challenge this is, right?! That is pretty damn awesome!

Well one you!


* Well done.


Thank you! I am still smiling from ear to ear. Feels really good. This programme is fantastic.


wow, good work!

And a shade under 5k in 25minutes? that's a cracking pace!


Oh no,no,no! Sorry if I was misleading. The 4.97km was including the warm up and cool down walks, 5 minutes each. So it was in 35 minutes, not 25. That's a whole lot of difference right there. :-( But I'll make it in 25 minutes... some day! :-)


heh! I get you now. Still a great pace though :)

And yes, I'd love to hit 5k in 25 minutes too, one day it'll happen :)


Well done thats fantastic !!! :)


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