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Slightly scared about week 5 run 3, help!

Ive just completed week 5 run 2 & although I did finish it without stopping it was so hard! The first 8 minutes were fine, I was almost coasting towards the end feeling positive about run 3, then I did then second lot of 8 minutes & it was horrible! Certainly didnt get any easier towards the end &my lungs felt like they were caving in! I am now dreading run 3 ( I know I shouldnt think negatively but its hard not too!) How am I going to complete that if I struggle with 8 minutes? What were your experiences of week 5 run 2?

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Hi, I had to have two goes at the third run to get it. The first attempt whilst I just missed it after asking advice on here, the general opinion was this is one of the hardest and to repeat it to get over the mental barrier of a longer run with no walk. Couple of tips that helped me second time, dont over think it, I told myself I could do it as had already covered 20 mins in total earlier in the week (albeit it with recovery walks) , I dropped my speed right right down on what I'd done on previous runs. You can always speed up at the end if youre feeling ok. I also tried to tick it off in 4, 5 min runs and tried not to check the timer on the treadmill to often. Def drop your speed, as Laura says at one point as long as you keep going it doesnt matter if youre a bit slower. have trust in yourself and the plan. You have it in you, just look how far you've come since week 1. I can promise you will feel amazing when you do it! Good Luck :-)


The same as you. All of week 5 is tough, but you've done most of it already. For the third run, I remember I went REALLY slowly and steadily, not speeding up even in those bits that feel easier on the body, and tried to think of it only 5 minutes at a time. Everything you've done so far has prepared you for this, you can do it!

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Well done so far superstaramy, I go with the other two too, and kept focussing on the next 5 min milestone. I think it was Namour who posted a good suggestion on here at some point about distraction and trying to think about counting backwards from 100 instead of on the effort of running, which I found quite useful at a couple of parts in the run. Laura chips in with some dialogue which also takes the mind off.

Good luck with it.


Thanks for the replies, this is such a supportive forum! It does help knowing other people have had the same problems& got through them, I shall focus on that when I attempt it!


I've just got back from w5 run 2 as well and feel the same - I made it through but it was really tough and I'm worried about run 3. Thanks for the tips above, it seems like such a step up and I really want to succeed but I do wonder if it might take a couple of goes...


I did my W5R2 today as well, pretty much same experience as you. Was going to post here but saw you already did!

I keep telling myself that I have to have faith in the program. I've been scared of doing pretty much every step up, but have succeeded at them all. I know this time feels different though, because we've been changing every run this week and it's the first time without a walking break.

I don't know about you, but the thought of keeping my mind occupied enough for 20 mins straight is daunting. That's because I really do need to focus to stop myself thinking that I can't do it! So I do like that suggestion of counting backwards from 100!

I am definitely going to take it as slow as I can. I will be so happy if I finish. I think the key is to have faith, trust the program and try very hard. But if at the end of the day we need to repeat this one, there's absolutely no shame in that!


I am now on week 7. I was also nervous of week 5 run 3 and week 6 run 3. The funny thing is, I found both runs were the most enjoyable of the two weeks. I can't really explain why. Maybe we have reached a stage where the intervals are not what we need. I just took the two longer runs slow and steady, and found I was enjoying the fact that I had time to settle down into some sort of rhythm. I'm not suggesting they were a breeze. I still had to push myself a bit, but this programme clearly works because they were nowhere near as tough as I had feared.

There is also an enormous sense of satisfaction when you complete these runs.

I hope this helps.


Hey Superstaramy, there's really nothing to be scare of and you'll have the biggest smile on your face at the end of it :)

Take it slow but determined and try a deeper breath to fill those lungs if find yourself tiring.

Good luck and don't forget that week 5 run 3 celebrating should be as loud as possible !


Yes, for those of you above about to head into W5R3 ..... some excellent advice as been given above :)

Bear in mind that about now your body HAS been adequately prepared for the run. It is all in the mind - negativity and doubt, that is!

Go for it with a big smile and heaps of faith in the knowledge that this programme does work! Keep things slow and steady and immerse yourself in the run, NOT in the mindset which is panicking about time/duration/speeds etc.

You'll all succeed, and in the next few weeks you'll all be graduating around the same time - how amazing is that?

Good luck to you all, and enjoy the next run and the following weeks too!

Cheers, Linda :D


I'm now on Week 7 and what I've come to realise after doing a few long runs now is that once you've done the first 6 or 7 minutes of running you get into a rhythm and your legs just keep going because the programme has built up your fitness. I found Week 6, where you go back to intervals, more difficult. W5 R3 is probably my favourite run to date because the sense of achievement is simply amazing - you won't believe you've just done it, but you will have!

Good luck and go for it!


Hey Maria - just noted your sign-in ID. Is that your birthday? Snap! We must be twins ewwwww except that I was born 30 years before you! LOL :D


Yes, that is my birthday! I really should have noticed that you share it with me too! Only a month till we get to celebrate it!



Very similar experiences to the others. I also remember feeling a bit daunted by the first long run. Before I started following the plan I'd been round the park a couple of times and the most I'd ever managed was 13 minutes, so this was a bit of a mental barrier to overcome.

However, as Laura will no doubt tell you, you can definitely do it! For me (an overweight 41yo man), slow and steady really was the key - it's about keeping going on this run and not how far you run.

Once you complete this one without stopping, you'll get a lot of confidence.

And of course the podcasts help with the music helping to lift you (especially after 1/2 way) and Laura chipping in with some tips.

So good luck!


Slow & steady. I'm with the others on this. It's mind over matter because physically you can do it. I was terribly apprehensive but like Doug, it was one of my favourite runs. Very good luck.


Felt the very same as you superstaramy, even had a sleepless night worrying! But after reading some good advice decided to give it a go yesterday. Must admit was willing to give up after the first 5 minutes, but then thought ok just try and get to the next 5 minute segment. Was pretty hard going but after getting to the end of 20 wow what a great feeling of achievement I got. Keep going if I can do it so can you!


OMG I did it! I did it! I did it! Thanks for all your positive thoughts, this one is definitely more of a mental challenge, I even went up a massive hill at the end! ( I have to say this was more because I was so busy concentrating on the time I went the wrong way, but still I didn't let it put me off!) Now for a well earned sit on the sofa I think, ha ha! Good luck those of you at the same point as me, dont let the negative thoughts put you off, the podcast really does work, there's no way in hell i could have done that 5 weeks ago, our little hearts will thank us for it!


Well done!! Hope you enjoyed your rest! Slow and steady is definitely the key in my experience.


Well done superstaramy!! I've just got back too and also managed it - whoop!! I did get overtaken by someone running so much faster he made me jump as he flew by but speed can be for another day!


Anyone looking at Wk5 run 3 and panicking... you can do it! That was my biggest hurdle to get over- it seemed such a big jump in time. I just went with it, VERY slowly, and followed Laura's comments to 'just keep going'. It sounds tough, but once you get to the end of it, you'll feel great. Good luck and keep going!


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