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Week 5 - first time listening to Podcast!

Hi all, this seems a lovely friendly forum so I thought I'd post for the first time.

I am due to start week 5 tomorrow. I've been doing it on the treadmill in the gym as my joints don't hold up well to pounding the pavement. I've not listened to the podcasts as I'm a bit worried about overbalancing on the treadmill so felt having things in my ears would make me feel a bit unsteady (well a lot unsteady - I already feel a bit unsteady ha!). But I'm feeling very daunted by week 5 and the dreaded r3 at the end of the week. So I thought I'd give the podcast a go tomorrow morning for w5/r1. The only thing is I couldn't remember the routine for week 4 so did my own invention of run four minutes walk three - both repeated three times.

What I wanted to ask is do you think that's an ok preparation for week 5? And also what else have I missed by not listening to the podcasts?

Opinions greatly appreciated!

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Hi Krupskaya

Welcome. I am at a similar stage to you. I did run 2 of week 5 today. I run outside though decided to run in fields today instead of on country roads and ended up with my trainers covered in clods of mud.

I have used the podcasts all along and definitely recommend them for giving tips and keeping you going. The famous Laura is a big help. Run 1 of the week is not too tricky or different from week 4 but it moves quite quickly in week 5 and then there's the dreaded long one which I will be tackling on Wednesday. I would think you'll be fine but you could always do week 4 run 3 again as a podcast trial.

Whatever you decide good luck. I love this forum. Some one always has a kind word or advice and even the graduates are so sympathetic. -they all started somewhere near the couch too I guess, even if they are now proper runners! That will be you and me one day!



Yay - it will Jo! Thank you for your reply I think I'm going to redo the whole of week four listening to the podcasts - if I don't end up in a sweating heap when I fall off the treadmill on run1 that is!

Good luck with week 5.


Hello Krupskaya and welcome. Really well done on getting so far, especially without the podcasts. It is a shame because, as Jo says, they are great for giving you tips and prepare your body for the next run. They are also great for motivation and Laura (the lady who talks through the podcasts) keeps you going when you're flagging!

Have you actually worked your way slowly through the running sessions building up gradually? If you have then I think you should try the podcast week 4 run 1 and do that three times before moving on to week 5. You are not in any hurry and you don't want to get injured and held back at this stage.

I agree that the treadmill is softer on the joints ( I did most of this programme on the treadmill and understand) but if you can, try to get outside to run on softer ground like trail or grass as it is a much nicer experience and once you get outside you'll find yourself hooked in no time!

All the best and now that you've posted for the first time you've got to continue to post and tell us all how you're getting on!


Many thanks for your kind reply Irishprincess! Yes, that's a good idea to redo week four. I've done all the previous weeks according to the NHS C25K plan but just didn't listen to the podcasts. I think when the weather improves a bit I'm going to go for a run on some grass and see what it's like. I've read that you need to run with the treadmill at a 1% incline to properly mimic outdoor running.

So I listened to my first podcast today (w4/r1). It was the first time I've run for 5 minutes and I didn't find it too hard fortunately. It really helped listening to Laura and the music - it eased the boredom of running on the treadmill a bit.

I've been bitten by the bug - really looking forward to my next run now! I wish I'd listened to the podcasts from week 1 though as in terms of my balance I didn't find it too bad today. Well no worse than normal lol!


You have been bitten by the bug. I can tell! Well done in getting w4r1 done today.


If you just have one earbud in it might help. Those of us running outdoors usually do it like that for safety. It's really good listening to the podcasts as you can just forget about everything, timing etc and just concentrate on keeping going.


W4/R2 today and it went really well. Listening to the podcasts is definitely the way to go. Its much easier just waiting for Laura to tell me to start and stop. My balance felt better with the earbuds in too - but if that's a problem again I'll take your advice Googleme and put just one in. Im doing a programme of strength training at the gym three days a week too so I have plenty to keep me busy lol!


Fantastic! Really pleased to hear that it went well Krupskaya. And the strength training is a perfect complement to the running. Well done you!


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