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I require a virtual kick up the backside!!

Not had a run for nearly two weeks due to a heavy demand on my time by work and events i have had to attend lately.

I am now worried that i have undone all the good work i have done to to this point. I dont know hw i could have as my weight is still dropping but i seem to lack the motivation to get myself up in the morning to go out.

Has had this? how did you get out of the rutt? Is it worth restarting week 2 or should i go back to week one?

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Hi MartC78,

Quite happy to give you a virtual kick up the rear, but obviously it's not violence but some good old motivating talk that you need. You haven't yet had time for the running habit to BECOME a habit. Someone told me you have to do something 20-30 times before it becomes something that you want to keep doing or get used to doing! (a bit like eating brussel sprouts!!!)

Try to think back to what started you on the C25k in the first place. Running not only burns calories faster than almost any other exercise it will make your heart and lungs work better and more efficiently. It tones your legs and bum. The action of pumping your arms tones them too. You will be a fitter, stronger, healthier person.

If it's the early start that's putting you off, getting out there and running first thing in the morning before eating, burns body fat better than later in the day when you have food fuel reserves to fall back on (so I've been told)

As you are so early in the programme, I really feel it is well worth restarting from W1R1 and promising yourself, stiffening your resolve and letting the bloodyminded, stubborn part of you kick in, (you have got that side haven'tyou? Or is it just me that has it??) so that this time you carry on with the programme and do not stop until you have completed it. By which time you will feel so fit, the running habit will have formed, and you will be dying to get onto the B210K, the ten mile plan and your first half marathon.

You know you can do it, I know you can do it, and the whole of this forum know you can do it. Now GET OUT THERE!



Yes....most of us have "suffered" though periods of lack of motivation, mind rebellion, body rebellion.....fill in the blank.

If you are really serious about changing your will have to dig deep and just DO IT. In the beginning it's's REALLY hard. It takes a while to form a new habit... ...and until then, it's work, plain and simple.

Now shut off the computer, put your shoes on, and go run....

And, o, yeh....congratulations on kick-starting the rest of your life!


Yes we all have the "why did i ever think i could do this" moments.

I think you have to realise that the 9 weeks training is not only physical, but psychological too.

Carole is needs to become a habit...and in that 9 weeks it will become a habit.

In many cases, according to all the blogs i've read on here, after about 3 weeks everyone is totally hooked and the thought of not running is hell!

Start again at week one.....mark the days in your diary, and stick to them.

It's only 30 minutes, and you will feel so much healthier in a couple of weeks that you will cope much better with all work and life can throw at you.

Basically, just do it!!!!

Consider yourself booted up the backside!

Do what grammadog says...PUT YOUR SHOES ON AND GO FOR A RUN!!!!


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