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Need a kick!


I graduated 2 weeks ago, which I was very proud of. But since then I’ve lost the urge to run! I dunno if it’s cos I haven’t got the app to keep me going or the weekly meet with everyone else to push me on or it’s the heat 🌞.or am I being lazy.

What gives everyone the excitement and urge to get out there and do it?

I loved it when I was on c25k I have been out running but the drive has gone to push towards the goal each week

please help all my hard work is going to waste

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I think you need a buddy to run with . And replay the C25k app Or get a new one 10k ?


You may just need to think why you began C25K... what the reasons were, and has that changed.

it is hot, it is humid... running at them moment, even for the most passionate of the forum friends may feel like an effort...UNTIL... you get out there.

The motivational mojo hides under the running shoes... put them on and head out... choose a route you enjoy..pick a time of day to suit and just run. No distance, no pace in mind... run and feel the pleasure of moving, faster than walking taking everything around you in... and knowing that you are doing yourself do much good.

I have been on the IC for seven weeks now... and two more weeks to go until an MRI scan, which will tell me, I can either run again..or I have to take another 8 weeks on the IC!

Get out there and do this for me ... please:)x


Not a kick..more emotional blackmail?

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Your so right! Thanks for that it is easy to just say oh I’ll do it tomorrow

Blackmail it is then lol


I also finished recently and was unsure where to go after graduation. At the moment I am just replaying the week 9 run to consolidate and continue 30 minute runs for a few weeks. It helps having Laura talking to me and knowing how long I have done/have got left. Hope this helps 🏃🏃‍♀️😊👍🏃👏


Perhaps you need a target?

What distance did you manage within the 30 minutes? Do you want to try to run any further?

If so, I can help you come up with a post-C25K running plan if you need a structure, based on all the advice I got from here when I graduated.

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I’m just a happy plodder who isn’t to fussed about time more about getting fit and doing something instead of watching telly

I will try using the c25 k app on the 30 min again I think motivation needs to kick back in lol


Oh no don’t give up! You need things to keep you motivated. Join Park Runs, look on the internet for other runs you can join. I found one in December where everyone dresses as Santa 🎅 to do a 5k run. I’ve read on here about jogging groups see if you can find one in your area.

Put your trainers on and just go for it, once out you might remember how much you enjoyed it. You could listen to the last run on c25k again. Or if you have a run app aim for beating your PB.

Good luck


Well I’ve just come back after running for 35 min not quite reaching 5k but happy with 4K and you know it feels good! I’m aiming to get on top of this glitch and remember how amazed I was at actually doing 5k when I started I couldn’t run 100m 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

Thanks everyone for help and advice ❤️

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That’s fantastic! Glad you got out there again - well done 🤗

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