Week 1 run 2 I may be at wk 1 for quite some time!

Week 1 run 2  I may be at wk 1 for quite some time!

Well I can't believe I have been out for a 'run' waddle, wobble, stagger, walk, puff and pant twice in one week. The first time both of my sons came with me to witness the spectacle in the pouring rain! Great Fun! Last night I went by myself. I need to find some stretching exercises to complete afterwards and like everyone else in week one probably I need to replace my 'New' trainers that I bought in 2000!


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  • Give you self some credit and a big pat on the back. Give week 2 a go, I bet you can do it. I actually found week 2 more manageable than week 1. I would agree with you about getting some new trainers. It had my gait analysed before I started the program and expected to pay much more than the £50 I spent but so far (touch wood) I've not no problems even with a slightly dodgy knee. Google sweatshop for your local store, they were amazingly helpful. Onwards and upwards!

  • Thanks for the 'Sweatshop' tip, very useful! :) x

  • Week 1 is one of the hardest weeks as everything is so new slow down a bit and you will get through. I started week 6 today and in January I nearly collapsed trying to run 20 seconds.

    Well done on getting out there

  • I agree give week 2 ago, take it slower and you will be fine

  • Hi - well done you, join up with some of the other first timers, they will support you through

  • I completed W1R3 yesterday, R3 was much easier than R2 but I am sporting brand new trainers(sneakers I call them). Hopefully it will help. But I have to say I didn't think I'd get through R2... whereas R3 I was saying wow this is easy...

  • Yes, its true that the first runs are the worst. Your description of how you did it describes me to a tee! But we all have good and bad runs each week. One day you think its the end and the next you don't find so bad. Put it behind you and carry on - it's so worth it.

  • Hi! You sound like me haha, I don't want to discourage but I have been on week 1 for two months. The first few weeks I could not manage all the runs, ankle pain and out of breath mainly, so I decided to stick at it until my body was ready to move on. After all I've never ran before and I am over weight so it's a massive shock to the system. I can now just about manage all the running parts in week one, but still in a lot of pain with shins, ankles and hips. I'm going to push myself to go to week 2 this evening to see how it goes. Very worried! Anyway, don't worry if you have to repeat week one, if you move on too quick you might do yourself more harm than good. Good luck! Xxx

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