Last week,Wk 9 run 1 tomorrow!!!

Well, it's the last week this week as week 9 starts tomorrow. I have been getting stiff knees especially my left one. I concentrated on how my feet struck the floor and I think I slightly land on the outsides of my feet which would explain the aches on the inside of my knees. There's a new running shop which offers gait analysis opening in my local town so I think I will go and see if they have any suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes. Xx

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  • Good luck for your final week, your graduation badge is looming!

  • Good luck debssey, keep us posted

  • Good luck and definitely go get your gait analysed .

  • Good luck for your final week debssey.

    Gait analysis definitely worth it...:)

  • gait analysis is definitely a good thing. If you've got this far without it, you will be even more brilliant afterwards ! :-)

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