Out with the old; in with the new!

Out with the old; in with the new!

It was time for new running shoes; well actually, long past time for new running shoes! I mentioned that I needed new ones in my Half Marathon blog at the beginning of May, but I had to put it off through May as funds were low. Meanwhile I had had a good read of various reviews. For support (which I know I need from past gait analysis) the Brooks Adrenaline line seemed to be the business. My budget (as low as possible basically) wouldn't stretch very far so I had a good look around on Amazon and managed to get a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GT11s for £70 including postage. I ordered size 7 same as my old New Balance ones and hoped for the best. I review said that the Brooks came up half a size smaller than their old trainers. However, today they arrived and on trying them on, seem fine! I'll be out tomorrow come what may to get a four miler in and see how they feel.

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  • New shoes :)

  • New shoes, that's my next investment, very nice :)

  • Very nice! Can we have a top view as well? In fact, that would be a fun thread, lets all post a picture of our shoes!!! :-)

  • Hope they are super comfy and help you go even faster :)

  • The picture up top is of the wear on my old New Balance shoes. See Part 2 posted today for the new ones!


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