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Another old shoes/new shoes post

Another old shoes/new shoes post

OK, Old shoes/new shoes. Starting top left, my first proper pair of running shoes (we'll ignore the Tesco value ones I bought and used for the first 3 weeks running, they made my knees ache and went in the bin), blue and orange Brooks Ghost 4. Like wearing slippers! Until I got up to 5k and beyond, then I quickly became aware that in reality they were too tight width-wise. So after giving me 570k they've been 'relegated' to the gym, where they're quite happy as they get bounced on but not used for too long a period.

Then there's a pair of Ghost 6 (men's and a half a size up for extra width) and a pair of (extra wide) New balance, unfortunately the ghost 6s were in a right old state by the time they'd run 1356k so were used for 114k of walking then headed to the recycling. The New Balance ones, while plenty wide enough weren't as comfortable but did manage to run for 829k, the uppers were a total mess by then but they walked for another 305k and then got taken to work and are used when I dig the vegetable beds over. So no pics of those, you'll have to use your imagination to fill in the big gap on the top row.

Last but never least in the top row are my second pair of Ghost 6. These are your archetypal 'do anything' shoes. They've run 1014k, they've walked 331k, they're used for cycling and my 'insanity' classes (though the last 2 classes I've thought that maybe they're getting on a bit now). They have extra holes in the uppers for good airflow and to give my toes a little extra room (I think the technical term is they're knackered). Yes, they still go out in public!

Bottom row consists of a missing pair of trail shoes which I don't get on with and am going to list on ebay, they did a couple of parkruns and made my ankle ache so I'm not carrying on with them. Followed closely by my Karrimor Duma minimals, nice shoes, not much padding, but they've had a long run or three. They've covered 379k so far and haven't any signs of wear and tear.

Then come my blue Ghost 7, Parkrun/sweatshop monthly prize from back in January. They've run for a total of 3 days 7 hours, 118 runs, averaging just over 4 miles per run, at an average speed of just over 6mph, with 23 'long' runs (over 10k), covering a total of 779k. Got to love the stats!

And then finally my spanking new ORANGE ('in your face' orange, the photo really doesn't do the brightness justice!!!) Ghost 6, bought not long after the blue ghost 7s at a good online discount, never been worn, I've only just got them out of the box, still shiny new! They'll take over when the 7s need to be put out to pasture.

And yes, all the laces are tied, no I don't untie them to put the shoes on/off, I run in loose shoes, I've only lost one in the mud, so far....

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Wowzers! How much do you run!??

I make that over 4,357km total - that would get you from London to Simferopol in Russia! At 6 mph that's 19 solid days of running, or 3 hours a week for 3 years!

Nice shoe collection too!



Well done, as I read Beads' post I was hoping someone would have worked out the total mileage!

Beads, you're a star, you deserve all those shoes!


To be fair, I'm just coming up to my 3rd runversary.

My spreadsheet (numbers geek alert) says 1521k in 2013, 2263k in 2014 and 1263k so far this year. (I really need to devote some time and put 2012's figures in from MapMyRun.) Total time spent running 20 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes (not all my shoes have the same average speed as the ghost7).


What a collection! I like Brooks too but I never tried on the Ghosts. Yet!

How are you getting on with Insanity????? Looks very full on!


Insanity is 'fun', in a mad sort of way.

I do a 40 minute class which consists of a 9 minute warm up (30 seconds x 6 exercises (the first one is always running on the spot so gives me a bit of a 'rest') repeated a total of 3 times with no break), then some very basic stretching followed by 3 blocks of exercises.

Each block of exercises is 30 seconds of 4 different moves followed by 30 seconds rest, repeated a total of 3 times and with a whole minute of the 'power move' after the third set.

The first block is plyometrics, explosive jumping movements (very hard work, I don't like this block).

The second block is core strength moves, a lot of planks and pushups, some tricep work.

The third block (doesn't exist in the 30 minute classes he runs) is a bit of cardio and co-ordination, the co-ordination is usually a bit of a mental challenge for me.

It suits me down to the ground, 30 seconds of hard hard work on one muscle group then change to a different muscle group for another 30 seconds of hard work. BUT because you know you're only going to do each exercise for 30 seconds then you can put a massive amount of effort into it. I'm not so keen on the power moves, having to work the same muscles for a whole minute is a lot harder!

I love it! I came out absolutely dripping with sweat. The same chap does the kettlebell classes and he was giving a free session to the insanity members. I did that last night (and the 30 minute insanity class, glutton for punishment, I had to drop my knees for some of the pushups I was so tired). It's totally different, each exercise was a whole minute, much lower impact, no jumping about, but working with the weights at a slow pace is just as hard!


I am a big Insanity fan. Missing it greatly while on the IC. Slightly dreading the shock of starting again once I am allowed to start exercise again.


Ah - Insanity! This is the thing that my (non-supportive) brother said "You don't want to run, you want to do Insanity". I just ignored him at the time but maybe I'll take a look now.

How is the IC? Finding anything as a good distraction yet?


Not really. I have been walking a lot and gradully pushing that to more powerwalking. Pushing my breathing capacity a bit is actually encouraged as the tendency is to take very shallow breaths, and the codeine suppresses respiratory function a bit as well so the more one inflates the lungs the better. Not hugely saitsfying or comfortable though. Still, only another week to go and I can resume light exercise, all being well.

Not going to be doing Insanity for a few more weeks though. 'light exercise' it is not.


Yep , its called " Insanity " for a reason :-)

Hopefully , it wont be too long now Rig xxx


Sounds like you have it under control. Take things easy :)


Me too! No exercise at all except a bit of walking with the dog since being able to put some weight on my leg. I feel as my muscles have withered and my tone gone. Bah!

Plyo and cardio are hard on the legs so I have to be careful what I do when I return to it. Can't wait though!

I read the other day that kettlebells burns way more calories than most other excercises!

I was put off about Insanity as I thought everyone would be young. There's a Cross Fit class near me in an industrial unit, which I noticed while having my car fixed. Might mosey on over there to check it out. I did poke my nose through the open shutter door and noticed the instructions on the board. Looked a bit scary. The folks were all out running and were just returning while I was there. They all looked dead young though.

Perhaps I could buy Insanity and start it at home. Got a new carpet though so I don't want any pools of sweat on it. LOL

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Crossfit is excellent and is a thing for all ages - It always seems to be to split roughly in half between the young superbuff mega athletes and the older people doing scaled versions for improved mobility. There are loads of crossfitters in their 60s and 70s. I think it is perhaps the best exercise of all as one gets older.


If we can't do all of it, we can try and do some of it. It's the same with any exercise but you get better with practice. I'd not done any of this stuff when I bought the JM DVD's but soon got the hang of it. We don't know what we can do til we try. Getting started is the hardest part.


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