Running shoes are a rip-off

Disclaimer - I know many think they're good value in terms of avoidance of injuries etc, but I am a self-confessed cheapskate, okay? :-D

Now we've got that out of the way, I'm at Week 9, with R2 to do tomorrow. Still running in my old gym Nikes (£22 in a sale at John Lewis five years ago :-) and so far, managing fine).

Thanks to all those people who gave me great advice on how to find the right shoes - I tried to look for my original post to update it but couldn't find it - any tips on that would be gratefully received!

Okay, so I resent paying over £100 for running shoes!

I had the gait analysis done and I am a (moderate) overpronator and need support shoes - I was recommended Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16, or Asics 2000v4. Both cost over £100.

I tried looking for previous years' models and colours, as advised on here, but they still set you back about £80-£100. Something like £50 is more like my budget.

So I went into this shop thinking, I will just try on some of these expensive shoes and see which ones feel best, then buy them cheap off the internet. I was determined not to fork out there and then.

How come then, that when I left the running shop I'd bought a pair of the Brooks at £115??? WTF?????

Well, they are going back as they pinch my toes on my right foot. I had tried on a different pair in the shop that fitted okay but wanted a different colour and was given the same size in new colour and didn't try them, just bought them, also cos I kind of felt guilty after the guy had got me on the treadmill and brought out a load of different shoes etc.


I just read an old article in the Daily Mail about some tribe in Mexico that are brilliant runners - they can run for like a whole day with nothing more than strips of old tyres on their feet. Just to prove my point about running shoes being a rip-off!

But once again, thank you to all those folks who gave me brilliant advice.


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19 Replies

  • I'm sorry your new shoes aren't up to it. Your right to take them back. Now you know what type of shoe you need have you had a look at Decathlon, they do a reasonably priced shoe and the price goes up according to your distance so they are a really good price for new runners. Here is the link to their online shop.

    Good luck finding your new shoes.,

  • Hi, thanks for posting this link.

  • Realfoodieclub - I just want to say a massive thanks for recommending Decathlon to me. I finally found my perfect shoes for overpronation - Decathlon's own brand - and they were only £60. I've run in them 3 times (only had them a week) and totally love them. I'm already looking forward to my 4th outing in them tomorrow. They're the perfect fit and so, so comfy!

    That shop is brilliant - kind of like a Primark for sports gear! And I bought some other stuff - running tops, fleece etc - with the money I'd saved on the price of the original trainers I was sold. Hee hee!

  • I'm so glad you've found some runners your happy with. Hehe I either have to go skint (if I haven't got it I can't spend it) or with birthday money to decathlon. I always want so much. And the sales.....😀

  • I know, I could go mad buying loads of stuff in Decathlon! The sales must be fantastic. Once again, a big thanks :-)

  • Shoes are expensive, but also think of them as the one piece of safety equipment for running.

  • Hi . Regards finding previous post; Depends if you are on a phone, tablet or PC. On a phone easiest thing is click on your post small picture on top right, in drop fown menu do same again. You will see your profile and all posts. On PC or tablet, at top of page next to where it says' HealthUnlocked'. you will see your log on and your photo if you have uploaded one, click on this, in drop down choose profile.....again you see all your previous posts.

    The Brookes Adrenalin i bought recently are great for my neefs. i tried many different makes and made sure i was happy with the pair i brought by walking around the shop and using the treadmill before i bought them. I feel for me they are worth every penny as i intend to continue running and want to avoid aches, pains, injuries as much as i can. However each runner will be different and will need to make their own mind up.

    If we consider running is free, we can run anywhere anytime, indeed even Parkrun is free, and the only gear really needed in my experience is good shoes and a good bra, it can be a accessible sport for many.

    I do hope ypu get shoes that are right for you shortly. Happy running!

  • Thanks for the tip on finding posts - still finding my way around the site!

  • I have seen an article that says the running "industry" says we need expensive trainers and gait analysis but people who bought a pair of shoes that were "comfortable" after trying them on in the shop were no more likely to experience injury from their running. I am on a budget too and so bought two pairs of running shoes (one for trails) and have been running for about a year now up to 10k with no problems. My trainers are only about 8 months old but both doing fine and I keep them clean and fresh and only wear them when I run

  • Oh dear... :( Glad they went back! The trainer issue is very personal.

    We wear what is right for us...check out my past post on Bouncing is what Tiggers do best....some slightly pricier new trainers nearly did for me ...that came to a very sorry end! :)

    but, as folk say, they are so important. I have two pairs..both bought in a sale... and like JoolieB1 , they are great...only worn for running... unlike @JoolieB1... mine are not clean... i am not as sensible as she is.

    Hope you get sorted soon... Realfoodieclub 's link seems very Tigger trainers are relegated to walking now... :) Boing!

  • I hate housework but I love running and part of the fun of my running is making sure my shoes are clean and dry, ready to go!

  • I shall become more organised...they are looking a tad sad currently... I usually rely on the morning dew. wet grass to clean them...but it has not really been all that damp lately. :)

  • When I did C25K last year, I ran a lot on grass and mud and through the winter, I sloshed and slipped for fun. My legs seem stronger nowadays and so I can run more in town so keeping cleaner so far. Might put my trail shoes on for Saturday and head out in the woods now I think about it!

  • Go girl x. Enjoy on Saturday :)

    I am off as we speak... a tad late for me, but the sun is showing its face now:)

  • Let's face it the main people being ripped off are the people who make them and often those who sell them to us in a shop or ship them or deliver them.... (which is not to say we're not being but...)

  • There are loads of contradictory videos on you tube. One doctor says the more expensive the shoes are and the more features they have, they worse they are for you as they are less natural. Other doctors/physios say completely the opposite.

    Although, regretfully I never ran as an adult until recently, I'm pretty sure we all ran around as children and never had any problems.

    Maybe it's more to do with age and the impacts on our joints feel tougher now.

  • I buy older models. You don't have to buy the current iteration ☺

  • Jog on LOL !

  • if you don't have a gym membership and running is your only exercise. Think of it as a cheap gym membership

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