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How far are you running?

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Do you know how far you are running? And how do you measure/record? I'm not running on the road which I guess would be easier to work out.

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I use the Endomondo app on my iPhone :) it's free and also has a website which tells you your best times and miles run in a month/year etc

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I tend to run on roads to get an accurate measure. I make sure I run from somewhere specific and end at somewhere specific so I can find it on a map. I map it on on the Nike+ site but I think you can do the same with googlemaps or mapmyruns. Otherwise I have a Nike+ transmitter which I use with my ipod touch. It tends to be 10% out so 5k comes out as 5.5k on it. You really need GPS on your phone or a Garmin to be more accurate .

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Not very according to my Garmin!

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Same here, on week three and according to Mr Garmin I only manage about 2.4 miles in 30 minutes (and that's including the warm up and cool down)...oops!

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

That sounds good to me - 3.86 kilometers!

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I use and/or which allow you to map out your routes both pretty good GRG £10 per year first trial month free, other one is free.

Have tried using my Ipod but it seems to be about 10% more in distance to other two even after adjustments have been made.

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bluebootsGraduate Try this site, you can map out your run for free and you will get a good idea how far you run. It's quite good because you can see paths in your area that would be suitable for running. :)

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You can use MapMy Run for free. I did it for my W3R2 and managed 2.94 kms including warmups and downs.

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According to the markers on the trail that I use, I do about 2.2 miles per 30 minute session, and I just completed Wk4 R1 yesterday. Since I actually do the podcast again on the way back, I am doing 4.4 miles right now. However, distance and speed are not my priority as I am trying to build up my stamina. I will work on the other elements later on.

If you have smart phone, several free apps will tell you basic distance, and often calories. I use Allsport Gps which seems accurate.

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Thanks all :)

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